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Elements of Granny Chic | Still LIfes | Motley Decor

Elements of Granny Chic: In Honor of Mother’s Day

Both of my grandmothers are fearless decorators whose influences percolate into my home on a recurring basis.  Although, at the time, I
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Perennially Egg-squisite Decor | A crystal beaded light fixture in the shape of an egg

Perennially Egg-squisite Decor

A symbol of new life, the egg is an important fixture in both Easter and Passover--a symbol that underscores the
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10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

I'm a sucker for (digital) tours of celebrity homes.  Try as I might to resist cyber snooping--invariably--my curiosity gets the
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Toasted Rice Pudding Recipe with Coconut, Lime & Pistachios and served with Amaretto

Toasted Rice Pudding Recipe with Lime, Coconut & Pistachios

Last night, the hubs and I whipped up a delicious rice pudding recipe that I just had to share.  It
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