Champagne cocktails are always a treat, but on a holiday synonymous with sparkling wine, they are an essential!  If you’re a procrastinator like me, here’s a list of 6 last-minute champagne cocktails to serve this New Year’s Eve.

1.  A Twist on a Mimosa

A mimosa is probably the first thing that springs to mind when you hear “champagne cocktails”.  However, they are so closely associated with brunch that it seems like a faux pas to drink them past 1PM.  Luckily, there are more riffs on the mimosa than…well, I don’t know what.  In any case, there’s a lot of them.  I came across this tempting number while trolling pinterest.

Mimosa + 5 More Champagne Cocktails

found on RueMag

If apricots aren’t your thing, try pear nectar, pomegranate juice, or nearly any other fruit bi-product.  Can’t find the thyme?  (Get it?)  Why not substitute rosemary or mint?  The possibilities abound!

2.  Champagne Sorbet Float

6 Champagne Cocktails

Similar to the mimosa is the increasingly popular champagne sorbet float.  Again, just about any fruit flavor will do the trick, but I was particularly intrigued by mango lime combo from willcookforsmiles.  It even seems to lends itself to a punch application, which makes for effortless entertaining.

3.  Sparkling Sangria

Whether you prefer red or white, bubbles always seem to elevate the sangria experience–and this is something I’ve researched extensively!  This recipe incorporates rose petals for extra-fragrant and luxurious imbibing.  Go wild with your fruit, berry, and citrus combinations.

4.  Putting on the Spritz

I was lucky enough to visit the enchanting city of Venice in 2014, where I fell in love with the Aperol sprtiz.  Since then, I have spent many a night in my home sipping the fizzy, slightly bitter concoction–eyes closed–retracing the cobblestone streets and waterways in my mind.  It’s pure magic.  Here’s a straight-forward recipe with fresh orange and thyme.

Tip: If you want to get a little more bang for your buck, buy a bottle of Campari for about $10 more.  It’s twice as potent in flavor and alcohol content, so  you can use 1/2 as much in each drink.

5.  Ginger Royale

If you’ve read any of my Moscow Mule-inspired cocktails, you know I’m a fiend for a ginger cocktail.  So, when I saw the Ginger Royale on instagram the other day, I had to click through to get the scoop.  In a nutshell, it combines spicy ginger with citrus, bitters, pomegranate, and creme de cassis.  Oh yeah, and champagne.  I was instantly sold on this one!

6.  The Golden Boy

The Bazaar by Jose Andres is one of my favorite restaurants and they used to serve this sublime cocktail called “The Golden Boy”.  Why golden?  Because they actually add a pinch of gold dust into the drink, letting the champagne bubbles bounce around the glittering specs in your glass.  Not only was it delicious, but it looked like you were drinking nectar from Mount Olympus.  Luckily, LA Times snagged and published the recipe.  Here it is…

Golden Boy | the Best Champagne Cocktails

May you have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve.  If you happen to have any champagne cocktails from list or something new, tell us about in the comments.  See you in 2016!