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Shopping Finds in Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, one of Pantone’s two colors of 2016, inspires endless options in the world of decorating.  Color pyschology tells us that pink is calming, tranquil.  Understandably, many of us seek to achieve that sort of atmosphere in our homes.  If you’ve climbed aboard the rose quartz bandwagon, here are some exceptional finds to consider as you decorate.

Shopping for Rose Quartz Decor | Motley Decor

There’s something about the way light filters through pink (or rose quartz) vintage glassware that is just undeniably beautiful.   This 8-piece vanity set that I found on etsy is no exception.  It would be gorgeous displayed on a vanity or even a bathroom counter.

Shopping for Rose Quartz | Velvet | Motley Decor

Velvet is another material that makes me weak in the knees when it takes on a rosy hue.  This throw pillow from Layla Grace shimmers in rose quartz.

Shopping for Rose Quartz Decor

Rose gold, rose quartz’s sister is also having a moment and–like sisters–the two belong together.  The geometric design of this table is a foil to the feminine finish, making for an unexpected statement piece.  Available at Gilt.

Shopping finds in rose quartz | Motley Decor

Few things can rival the romance of candlelight.  And, whether it’s a pressed glass candlestick or a gilded sconce, colored taper candles are a subtle but lovely to inject color into a room.  Why not try these?

Wallpaper & other finds in rose quartz | Motley Decor

How fun is this tiger damask wallpaper in rose quartz?  It would be stunning in a powder room, bedroom, or walk-in closet.  Design by Nouveau Bohemian via Spoonflower.

Shopping for Rose Quartz decor on Motley Decor

This art print could add a little edge to a pink room, while blending in at the same time.  Discovered on 1stdibs.

Rose gold mirror & other rose quartz pink finds on Motley Decor

I couldn’t resist adding one more rose gold item to this list after stumbling across this awesome mirror on  It feels unapologetically glamorous with an updated Art Deco vibe.  Who wouldn’t want to gussy up in front of this?

Decor in Emerald & Citrine

A week later, I still can’t get over Gloria Windsor’s office in Mozart in the Jungle.   The combination of emerald and citrine is utterly enchanting and I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate the two jewel tones into my own home.  Here are some of my favorite emerald and citrine discoveries thus far…

Decor in Emerald & Citrine

Clockwise: Vintage orange wine goblets found on etsy, Pompeii pillow from ZGallerie, malachite inspired side table from Dot & Bo, teal ginger jar via Chairish, citrine candle holder available at Amazon, overdyed green rug at Overstock.


Decorgasm: Gloria Windsor’s Office on Mozart in the Jungle

Gloria Windsor’s office on Mozart in the Jungle is absolutely stunning!  (The show is pretty great too.)  Of course, this should come as no surprise, because Gloria herself (portrayed by Bernadette Peters) is beautiful, stylish, and imposing.  So, it’s little wonder that her offices follow suit.  Creamy eggnog, vibrant emerald, and fiery citrine compose the palette.  A pair of kidney shaped sofas pull double duty in the seating and sculpture departments.  Large scale art, mineral specimens, exotic textiles, and a dash of chinoiserie add pizzazz.  Even so, the room is greater than the sum of its parts.  See for yourself…

Gloria Windsor's Office on Mozart in the Jungle | Decorgasm | Motley Decor

In a space this exquisite, there is design wisdom to be gleaned.  Here are 3 decorating lessons we can take away from Gloria Windsor’s office…

Decorate with Colors that Make You Look Good

Lessons learned from Gloria Windsor's office on Mozart in the Jungle | How to Select Colors

Gloria Windsor contemplates drape options, asking which fabric better suits her complexion.  When someone replies that this particular textile makes her hair look like “spun gold”, she’s instantly sold!

Give Fabulous Pieces Room to Breathe

Decorgasm: Gloria Windsor's Office on Mozart in the Jungle + 3 Decorating Lessons to Learn from Gloria | Motley Decor

While few would call this a minimalist space, it’s not overwhelming.  Rather, each wall holds one, prominent piece of art.  Surfaces are accessorized, but not cluttered.  Solids dominate, punctuated with striking patterns.  With so many gorgeous pieces in Gloria Windsor’s office, each needs a little space to be fully appreciated.

Balance Bold Choices with Symmetry

Lessons learned from Gloria Windsor's office | Mozart in the Jungle | Decorgasm

The human eye is programmed to appreciate symmetry.  As home decorators, we can exploit this condition and use it to smuggle more daring decor choices past the first glance.  I mean, how else do you get barrel chairs upholstered in bright orange chevrons and an Asian folding screen into the same room?  Symmetry.  In Gloria Windsor’s office, most of the key pieces have a twin: the kidney shaped sofas, those funky barrel chairs, the towering porcelain lamps, and the gold sconces that flank the two similarly proportioned paintings.

I don’t know about you, but I was so moved by space, that I spent some time this weekend scouring the internet for some emerald green ceramics.  The hunt, sadly, continues.  Here are some of my favorite finds in emerald & citrine.

What do you think of Gloria Windsor’s office?



2016 Home Decor Trends Forecast

A week into January and forecasts of 2016 home decor trends are running wild in cyberspace.  My inbox is brimming with them.  Some are very specific (jazzy, patterned bedding) while other are more vague (the use of organic materials).  Many of them I hope are realized and others I could do without.  Regardless, it’s an exciting time in interior design.  After carefully considering the various forecasts, I composed my own list of 2016 home decor trends I think we’ll see this year.  Here goes nothin’…

Unorthodox Materials

You’ve seen them too: feathery wall coverings, side tables fashioned from massive mineral specimens, brass kitchen cabinetry, and all sorts of unexpected substances being used in home decor.  I’d love to see ceiling medallions constructed from feathers,  ceilings veneered in mother of pearl, and unconventional textiles used in upholstery.  However, I have no doubt that interior designers will fathom new applications for a motley of luxurious and edgy materials in 2016 that will surprise us all.

2016 Home Decor Trends Forecast | Unorthodox Materials | 1 of 5 | Motley Decor

Clockwise: patent leather wainscoting, a geode sink, feathered wall treatment, a tapestry used as a table skirt

Statement Lighting with a Modern Twist

While opulent, glittering chandeliers will always have a place in my heart, I think we’re going to see fewer of them in 2016.  Bold, modernist light fixtures with abstract forms and articulated arms seem to be eclipsing their old world counterparts.  While these contemporary incarnations may have simplified designs, they are no less stunning.

2016 Home Decor Trends | Modern Statement Lighting | 2 of 5 | Motley Decor

Subdued Palettes

With Benjamin Moore embracing Simply White in 2016 and Pantone hailing Rose Quartz and Serenity as its two colors of the year, less vibrant colors appear to be on the horizon.  While we may not see pure white and pastels, I believe dusty hues and more subtle combinations of them are likely to dominate.  Apartment Therapy made a similar prediction, citing “less saturated” colors as an impending trend.

2016 Home Decor Trends | Subdued Palettes | 3 of 5 | Motley Decor

The Disappearnce of Utilitarian Spaces

Kitchens are leading the charge–more ornately decorated with framed art, piles of accessories and (perhaps most exciting) “statement” kitchen islands.  Bathrooms too are becoming more and more lavish–first with showstopping wallpaper and then with indulgent seating.  In fact, Houzz is projecting that “bathrooms that feel more like living spaces” will become a thing in 2016.  Laundry rooms, mud rooms, and garages are not far behind.  Soon, there won’t be a room left in the house that won’t merit a meticulous decorating.

2016 Home Decor Trends | The Disappearance of Utilitarian Spaces | 4 of 5 | Motley Decor

clockwise: exuberant wallpaper in a laundry room, a custom mother of pearl kitchen island, grotto chairs and commode in an enviable bathroom

Pre-1950s Throwbacks

Mid century modern furniture (again) will always occupy a part of my heart.  Still, as its popularity has grown in recent years, we may have witnessed an overdose of this era.  Seeking relief, I predict that interior designers and home decorators will turn to an earlier chapter in history and that we’ll see a shift from vintage items to storied antiques.  In Elle Decor’s 2015 September issue, What’s Modern Now?, Jean-Louis Deniot made this prediction, “Art Nouveau is about to have a second life”.  I hope he’s right!  That period, in particular, holds exciting possibilities, but I wouldn’t rule out a surge in the popularity of Gustavian furniture either.

2016 Home Decor Trends | Antiques | 5 of 5 | Motley Decor

What 2016 home decor trends do you foresee?

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