When Pantone announced that 2016 would have two official colors, there was no directive that the two had to be used in concert.  So, if you’re more of a “blue person” than a “pink person”, consider these items for your serenity blue decor…

Serenity blue decor | Motley Decor | Dining Chair

This dining chair from Pier1 has a mid century vibe and beautiful (serenity) blue linen upholstery.  It’s clean lines would compliment a motley of styles.

Handmade mug & saucer | Serenity Blue Decor on Motley Decor

Slathered in a serenity blue drip glaze, this mug and saucer by Seva Art is handmade and just beautiful.  It’s ok to leave out dirty dishes when they’re this pretty.

Coral sculpture | Motley Decor | Shopping: Serenity Blue Decor

Leave it to Williams Sonoma to create a coral sculpture this life-like–and in serenity blue nonetheless!

Metallic blue wallpaper & more serenity blue decor on Motley Decor

Reminiscent of tea paper or foxed mirrors, this wallpaper boasts a metallic sheen with a tinge of blue.  It would look incredible in a dining room or on any ceiling.

Ombre curtains | Serenity Blue Decor on Motley Decor

I don’t know about you, but I am far from over the ombre trend–especially when it comes to dip dyed curtains.  Hanging a pair like this close to the ceiling and letting them pool on the floor a little would add height and drama to a room–not to mention a pop of serenity.

Dried globe thistles | Serenity Blue Decor Ideas | Motley Decor

Globe thistles naturally bloom in a vibrant blue-violet shade.  Dried, the color softens to a pale blue with just a hint of lavender.  So, not only is the color perfect for serenity blue decor, but these botanical beauties don’t need water and will last for years.

Leather bound vintage books | Ideas for incorporating serenity blue on Motley Decor

Weathered leather takes on a certain charm in dusty blues.  This collection of vintage books–in serenity blue–provides another means for adding serene shades of blue to a room.