Happy Pie Day!  I’m not much of a baker, but pie is perhaps my favorite dessert.  Here are 3 of my favorite pies with links to their recipes.

1. Pinwheel Cherry Pie

Pinwheel Cherry Pie | Pie Day | Via Motley Decor

Leave it to Martha Stewart to put a pretty twist (or spiral, rather) on the cherry pie.  Still sweet and tangy, the flavor we all know and love remains true to its roots in the pinwheel cherry pie.

2. Almond Pear Pie

Almond Pear Pie | Pie Day 2016 | Motley Decor

Both almonds and pears impart their delicate yet decadent flavors to this round masterpiece of a pie.  It’s pretty too.  Isn’t it?  Find the recipe at My Recipes.

3. Mixed Berry Pie

Mixed Berry Pie | Pie Day 2016

Can’t commit to a single berry?  I’m with you!  Luckily, the mixed berry pie doesn’t make you choose.  Thanks to Taste of Home for the recipe!

0.14 Add Brie

If you were wondering how I was going to give you 0.14 of a recipe and really commit to the Pie Day theme, it’s the same answer to how I do most things–with cheese!  Do yourself a favor a melt a little brie over your next slice of pie (particularly if it’s a berry pie).  You won’t be sorry.

Piece out!