Even if the words “Fortuny fabrics” don’t ring a bell, chances are that you’ve seen and admired them before.  Watery jewel tones combine with understated metallics to form intricate patterns–often damask-inspired.  This signature look is achieved by multi-step, printing processes especially developed by company’s wildly talented founder, Mariano Fortuny.  Today, the company is still headed in Venice, Italy by Mickey and Maury Riad who remain true to Fortuny’s original techniques and designs.  These gorgeous textiles are sold only to the trade, but even in second hand markets, fetch hundreds of dollars per yard.

Here are some stunning, eclectic interiors featuring Fortuny fabrics…

7 Eclectic Rooms Featuring Fortuny Fabrics

Alessandra Branca often uses Fortuny fabrics in her designs and her Manhattan home is no exception.  In the living room above, a pair of 18th-century armchairs is adorned in the coveted cloth.  The red and white damask pattern is fitting in space with so many other red accents and global influences: a chinoiserie cabinet, an African feather headdress, paisley lampshades, and porcelain vases.

7 Eclectic Rooms that Feature Fortuny Textiles

In a more relaxed setting, like this living room, a pair of Fortuny cushions are no less spectacular.  The towering gilded mirror and carved mantel echo the glamour of the sky blue and silver pillows.  However, the other elements in the room are muted–save the edgy, python-wrapped, Parsons style coffee table.

7 Eclectic Room with Fortuny Fabric

Designer Veere Grenney chose a Fortuny wall treatment to offset the homeowners’ art collection in this London home.  The scarlet textile was a daring choice, but the risk paid off, creating an arresting sense of grandeur.  Although patterned, the traditional-leaning print doesn’t detract from the modern art pieces.  Rather, it’s an equally matched foil that partners masterfully with the art.

7 Eclectic Rooms that Showcase Fortuny Fabrics

Like Mariano Fortuny (who was also a fashion designer and inventor), Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti is a jack of all trades and master of several.  Her home speaks to her creative talents with covetable furnishings that are artfully curated.  One such object of desire is that Tiplady Knole sofa, upholstered in (you guessed it) Fortuny fabric.

7 Eclectic Interiors that Celebrate Fortuny Fabrics

In this bedroom, a motley of marquis letters spell out “lover” in playful contrast to the opulently upholstered Fortuny headboard.

7 Eclectic Interiors that Showcase Fortuny Fabrics

A vision in plum, Alex Papachristidis’ enchanting dining room owes at least part of its allure to its Fortuny-clad dining chairs.

7 Eclectic Rooms that Celebrate Fortuny Fabrics


In this Steven Gambrel decorated living room, a  Cecily Brown painting, boldly bordered drapes, and a pair of Fortuny-covered club chairs combine to create a tantalizing trinity that draws your eyes to the farthest corner of the generously proportioned room.

All of these 7 spaces would be beautiful without the use of Fortuny fabrics.  However, I hope you’ll agree that the addition of this storied textile elevates each room.  Would you splurge on this fabric?  Would you try this Fortuny-inspired DIY hack?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.