The Pasadena Showcase House of Design concluded on Sunday and I had the pleasure of touring it that very afternoon.  Although all of the rooms boasted grand gestures steeped in luxurious details, 4 rooms stood out in my mind as exceptional.  They follow here…

The Music Room

Pasadena Showcase House 2016 | The Music Room

All photos courtesy of @pheintz

Curvy, iconic silhouettes (like the kidney shaped sofa and ribbon chair) draw you into the 2016 Pasadena Showcase House of Design’s Music Room.  A palette that recalls an exotic spice rack–stocked with paprika, saffron, curry, and cinnamon–reinforces the sultry atmosphere.  Gilded forms add glamour, but their modern shapes (the stacked cubes of the cocktail table and concentric circles of the ceiling medallion and sconces) also energize the more traditional-leaning, dark wood paneling.  Then there are a couple of unexpected delights: the lavender butterfly ottoman, the the curious Cecilia Miquez sculptures…  Even the collection of musical instruments is as eclectic as the decor, from a showstopping Bluethner grand piano to bagpipes.  The mix is greater than the sum of its parts.  It’s downright intoxicating.  A room this sexy is surely a pregnancy hazard.  Congratulations to Gregory West Parker and Paul Richard Heintz III of Parker West Interiors for composing such an incredible and inspiring room.

The Dining Room

Flamingo pink and ocean blue collide beneath a canopy of metallic damask and glittering crystals in the dining room.  The results is a room that is a space that is arresting and opulent, yet cheery.  Oodles of blue and white ginger jars adorn the long, rectangular table, flanked by a sapphire blue banquet and rosy-washed fireplace.  An Art Deco console table at the far end of the room punctuates the space.  This is the tremendous work of Kelly Firm, Inc.

The Cloak & Powder Room

I’m always impressed when  a designer is assigned an awkward or small space and creates something stunning.  Such was Erica Islas’ feat (of EMI Interior Design) when she transformed the cloak and powder rooms in the Pasadena Showcase House.  The magic starts with an elusive shade of bluish-greenish-gray that I can best describe as “agave”.  Abstract watercolor wallpaper and playful wall hooks impart a sense of the surreal.  A mix of bold gold and edgy gunmetal metallics create a lasting impression.  White and gray stone tile is a theme that runs throughout the house and the delicate herringbone floors tie this unique space to the rest of the home without sacrificing any vision or creativity.

The Writer’s Retreat

This small, understated office in the Padadena Showcase House is made extraordinary by an unexpected palette, the layering of subtle patterns, and a persnickety selection of furnishings. Stormy blues and dusty berry tones mingle with lighter neutrals in an unexpected trinity.  Patterns abound in varying scales, from the delicately etched wallpaper to the chunky weaves of the window treatments.  Like the textiles, each piece of furniture is clearly chosen with great care. The proportions of the writer’s chair are both imposing and inviting.  The husky desk lamp only elongates the desk’s delicate legs in contrast.  Finally, a cool, mid century vibe is derived from the 1960s brass light fixture and the 1950s David Rosen cabinet, lacquered in a surprising shade of muted plum.  Hats off to Savannah Bleue and Ally Marks of Marks and Bleue Design for their discerning eyes and painstaking attention to detail.