To find out, answer the questions below, keeping a pen and paper handy.  Each response has points assigned to it.  You’ll need to add up the points from all of your responses to tally your score at the end and see if your home is–indeed–too trendy.  Don’t worry: it’s only 8 questions + a lightning round…

1.  What best describes your bar cart situation?

a.  It’s always photo-ready, loaded with gorgeous glassware, patterned straws, and every bartending tool imaginable.  Nothing is ever amiss, because I usually only drink wine at home. (3 pts)

b.  I don’t have a bar cart per se, but there’s definitely a designated cocktail station that also functions as a decorative statement. (2 pts)

c.  From a home decor standpoint, I’m observing the 18th amendment and have no need for the devil’s trolley. (1 pt)


2.  When it comes to tropical-themed wallpaper…

a.  I think it looks great in other people’s homes. (1 pt)

b.  I’ve a got an accent wall that fits that description. (2 pts)

c.  People often mistake my place for The Beverly Hills Hotel. (3 pts)


3.  What percentage of your furnishings and decor did you purchase new and in the last year?

a.  75%+ (3 pts)

b.  around 50% (2 pts)

c.  25% or less (1 pt)


4.  Your art wall is…

a.  A mix of art from different disciplines, family photos, and mementos. (2 pts)

b.  Restricted to black and white photography only. (2 pts)

c.  Mostly pop art and funny or inspirational sayings. (3 pts)

d.  Nice try.  I don’t have an art wall. (1 pt)


5.  Your primary accent color is…

a.  Pink. (3 pts)

b.  Any other color. (1 pt)

c.  Different in each room. (1 pt)

d.  Forget accents!  Color reigns supreme in my home. (1 pt)

e.  Sorry, I live in a strictly monochrome zone. (3pts)


Pop Quiz: Is Your Home Too Trendy?

6.  The metal finish that plays the most significant role in your decor is…

a.  Chrome. (1 pt)

b.  Brass and gold. (2 pts)

c.  Rose gold and copper. (3 pts)

d.  Stainless steel, blackened iron, or oil rubbed bronze–nothing too shiny. (1 pt)

e.  They all battle each other for dominance.  It’s tough to say who’s winning. (2 pts)


7.  Lights hung from exposed cords or wires are…

a.  Totally a thing now.  Ain’t nobody got time for an electrician! (3 pts)

b.  Something I try to hide or I begrudgingly tolerate. (2 pts)

c.  Nowhere to be found in my home. (1 pt)


8.  Most of your furniture can be described as…

a.  Minimalist or streamlined. (1 pt)

b.  Midcentury modern–whether vintage or reproductions. (3 pts)

c.  Scandinavian in spirit. (3 pts)

d.  Antiques. (1 pt)

e.  Bohemian. (3 pts)

f.  Too diverse for any one style to claim the majority. (2 pts)

g.  Hollywood Regency. (2 pts)

h.  Other. (1 pt)


Lightning Round!  Give yourself one point for each of the following that you have in your home:

  • A sheepskin throw over a chair (1 pt)
  • Succulents and/or cacti (1 pt)
  • A figurine of a hand making a piece sign (1 pt)
  • Reclaimed wood (1 pt)
  • A painted portrait of someone–you have no idea who (1 pt)
  • A macrame or 70s-inspired wall hanging (1 pt)
  • Random mineral specimens (1 pt)
  • Books strictly for display purposes (1 pt)


OK, time to add up your points!  If you scored…

8-13 pts

No one could accuse you of being too trendy in your home decor.  Sure, you’ll adopt a trend here or there, but ultimately, you march to the beat of your own drum.

14-26 pts

Clearly you stay on top of trends and, as such, you’re predisposed to run with more of them.  Still, your style is all your own.  You’ve mastered that balance.

27-32 pts

You’re a bonafide trend scout!  In fact, you’re probably that friend whom everyone goes to with questions like “what do you think of this coffee table?”.  It’s because you have swagger and that comes through in your digs.  But is your home too trendy?  The truth is: there’s no such thing.  Your home should be a place that makes you happy.

Share your score in the comments below!