Cher Cusumano

Hi, I’m Cher Cusumano.  About three years ago, I went from being largely uninterested in interior design and home decorating to completely obsessed with reimagining my home.  I don’t remember the catalyst that spurred the sudden mania, but I do remember feeling the need to impress friends and family who came over.  I just wanted my guests to think my house looked “nice”.

So I took to the internet for inspiration and tumbled down the rabbit hole therein, discovering that there was a whole world beyond the big-name national furniture retailers with their tightly curated lines of matching sets and ubiquitous accessories.  (Not that I’m disparaging those retailers.  I still regularly check their inventory, but I’ve learned to embrace a wider mix of styles and eras.)

It had never occurred to me pair a brand new dining table with vintage chairs or to flank a piece of pop art with antique candle sconces.  These unexpected combinations thrilled me and became the common thread among the images I collected: eclectic designs with sharp juxtapositions.

The deeper I fell, the more eccentric my taste became.  I developed a ravenous appetite for quirky, vintage items and evolved into a rather ambitious DIY refinisher.  Slowly but surely, my home began to reflect my eclectic leanings and I grew to truly love my surroundings.

However, I also recognize that my home lacks that universal appeal I originally sought.  I’m ok with that.  Now, when someone comes to my house for the first time, I hope she’ll be surprised or see something she hasn’t before.  To date, the best compliment I’ve gotten was, “there are so many interesting things to look at in this house”.  I’ll take that over “nice” any day.

As a voracious reader of home decor content, I don’t think passionate home decorators can ever have enough sources of inspiration.  And while my professional background is in marketing, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) enough about home decorating through observation and trial-and-error to decorate a home I love living in.   And isn’t that the goal?  In any case, I’d be honored if any part of my home decorating journey inspires yours.  To that end, please browse around, leave comments, ask questions, and come back soon for even more inspiration.  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Happy decorating!