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4 Easy & Striking Ways to Use Benjamin Moore’s Caliente at Home

Are we ready for red?  Benjamin Moore seems to think so, naming Caliente–a warm, welcoming crimson its 2018 Color of the Year.  While I have my own suspicions about which colors will trend this year, I can’t deny that vibrant vermillion affords some exciting decorating opportunities.  Of course, this in age of white walls and monochrome mania, embracing such a bold shade can be a little daunting.  So, here are four easy and striking ways (with little to no commitment) to incorporate Caliente red into your home.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Although carefully edited with few frills, this room receives the royal treatment thanks to a ruby rug.


Water-toned walls tinge this living room in handsome contrast to the Caliente-colored carpet and regal, velvet-clad chaise.


With walls that resemble ermine, no other color would suffice underfoot.


In this traditional-leaning living room, a white chesterfield crowns a scarlet carpet.


A blood-red textile anoints the floor of Steve Aoki’s bedroom.


Turn on the Red Light

Roxanne, you don’t have to settle for predictable lampshades.


4 Ways to Decorate with Caliente | Turn on the Red Light | 2018 Color of the Year

Come hither says this red lantern.


A crimson pendant beckons in this powder room.


Garnet silk brings balance to a masculine loft.


When viewed from the right vantage point, this seemingly austere dome light reveals a passionate burst of color.


Paint the Roses Red

Painting the Roses Red | 4 Easy, Impactful Ways to Use Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color of the Year |

Miles Redd for Schumacher

Taking a cue from the Queen of Hearts, red roses adorn this charming vignette.


Here, an enormous looking glass reflects towering, flowering branches–creating a sense of scale worthy of Wonderland.


Painting the Roses Red | 4 Easy, Impactful Ways to Use Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color of the Year |

Oscar de la Renta

Black thumb?  Paint branches instead.  The result resembles coral.


Rosy blooms pop even in a room the shade of a spade.


Flaming botanicals send a very clear message in this space: checkmate.


Draw the Drapes in Red

Caliente curtains add a stroke of color this serene, silvery space.


In this exuberant bedroom, Miles Redd does justice to the primary color that is his namesake.


Cardinal window treatments usher the sunlight into this artful, Italian apartment.


4 Easy Ways to Use Caliente, Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color of the Year

A painterly palette juxtaposes vermillion and azure.


Flowing raspberry drapes sketch an idyllic backdrop for eclectic furnishings.

If you’re craving Moore Caliente in your life, check out these additional ways to decorate with red.

If Gowns Were Rooms – 2018 Oscars Edition

The 90th Academy Awards–better known as the 2018 Oscars–boasted some dazzling red carpet fashion.  Color has returned to the red carpet–particularly the blue hues.  Metallics and statement sleeves also made quite a splash.  And, as we know, fashion and interior design are each other’s favorite cousins.   So, I took the liberty of pairing up outstanding specimens from each discipline.  If gowns from the 2018 Oscars were rooms, they’d look something like this…

If Gowns Were Rooms--2018 Oscars Edition

The fabric of Betty Gabriel’s dress and this Steven Gambrel dining room share a brilliant peacock blue and whimsical botanical motifs.

If Gowns Were Rooms - 2018 Oscars Edition

What do Nicole Kidman and Stephanie Coutas have in common?  They both know how to make an arresting sculptural statement in cobalt.

If Gowns Were Rooms - 2018 Oscars Edition

Sally Hawkins’ structured shoulder pads emulate the right angles of this contemporary space whose silver leaf walls recall the sequins of her dress.  Black accents punctuate both.

If Gowns Were Rooms - 2018 Oscars Edition

Audra Day channels a modern-day Marie Antoinette in this voluptuous blue gown.  Smoky eyes, a dark lip, and unexpected silver jewelry keep her current.  Marie-Hélène de Taillac’s NY apartment reflects the same palette, femininity, and updated interpretation of old-world glamour.

If Gowns Were Rooms - 2018 Oscars Edition

I spotted this gown on Phoebe Waller Bridge and instantly recognized a loosely-adapted leopard print that looks equally fabulous on Nancy Braithwaite’s bedroom walls.

If Gowns Were Rooms - 2018 Oscars Edition

Wayward angles in electric blue can be found both on Jennifer Garner’s Oscar dress and the walls of this Kelly Wearstler designed bedroom.

If Gowns Were Rooms - 2018 Oscars Edition

Not only do the embellishments of Lupita Nyongo’s Academy Awards gown perfectly mirror the colors of this powder room’s mosaic tile, but there’s another common thread as well.  In both instances, outright glamour is balanced with a dash of masculinity.  The beading on the dress is almost spike like and the diagonal line it follows is reminiscent of a military sash.  The tile too takes on a subdued role when paired with spartan accessories.

All Oscars photos are from People.  Head over there to see the rest of the red carpet arrivals.  Who knows…maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next redecorating project.

9 Times Ultraviolet Didn’t Damage Your Eyes

As the title of this post might suggest, I had some trouble mustering the enthusiasm to write about Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, Ultraviolet.  It’s not that I don’t like purple.  A rich plum always makes my heart race and lavender (a color that might actually trend this year) never fails to beguile.  Ultraviolet, on the other hand, lacks nuance.  Instead, it feels like the standard-issue purple in a seven crayon pack.  Thankfully though, the internet is a magical and wondrous place and I was able to find 9 interiors that showcase ultraviolet in stunning ways…

Here, ultraviolet creates an electrifying backdrop for art hung gallery style.

In this stylish, neutral-hued living room, light spills from the window onto  a vintage medallion rug in Pantone’s 2018 color of the year.

9 Times Ultraviolet Didn't Damage Your Eyes |

Roberto Cavalli

Amethyst-colored velvet radiates opulence and grandeur.

Neon tubes make for an unexpected, but deliciously edgy accessory in this dining area.

Saturated colors and blue animal prints create an elegant if not surreal sitting room where ultraviolet art emanates from the wall.

A foursome of grape-colored stools double as cocktail tables and sculpture.

Delightfully quirky, this den embraces purple from top to bottom.

Sassy, large-scale art delivers a splash of the 2018 color of the year.

Cobalt and ultraviolet watercolor swirls beam and bedeck this vibrant foyer.


2018 Color Forecast: 4 Colors That Will Actually Trend This Year

Ultraviolet?  Caliente?  Am I the only one having a hard time seeing this colors take off in 2018?  They seem a far cry from the stark white and “millennial pink” walls we can’t seem to shake.  How do we expect the chroma pendulum to swing so far in in the other direction just because it’s now 2018?  My guess is that we’ll actually see softer, more neutral colors start to eclipse these light hued staples in the coming months.  Here are the 4 color trends I’m predicting…

Water Tones

Murky shades of blue with a hint of green are having a moment, recalling the tranquility of lapping ocean waves, flowing streams, and peaceful lake vistas.  Shades of seafoam and agave come to mind.

Warm-hued brass and a sepia photograph pop against this ocean-colored wall.

This charming scene imparts the illusion of dining under the sea.

Saturated seafoam walls need little else to make a lasting impression.

Foxed mirrored walls and aqua velvet impart an aquatic atmosphere in this unbelievably chic dining room.

2018 Color Trends


Layers of azure and teal compose this mermaid’s den.

This high contrast bedroom marries tropical water hues and deep, moody maritime blues.

Agave and turquoise get along swimmingly in this bedroom.

2018 Color Forecast: The Hues that will trend this year...

Steeped in tradition, this sitting room boasts an nautical palette.

Pale Neutrals

In place of the default “builder’s white”, which can feel sterile, more complex iterations of this go-to neutral are on the horizon.  Think: bone, cream, oyster, and platinum–layered upon one another to create “white” rooms with depth and soul.

2018 Color Forecast: Trending: Pale Neutrals

Sand-colored walls, natural wood, and misty gray create a delicate, opal-like space.

Shades of vanilla and mushroom reflect the ample natural light of this room.

White never looked so welcoming as in this airy, bone-clad living room.

2018 Color Forecast: Trending: Ivory, Oyster, Bone & Cream

This formal sitting room combines all manner of whites and pale neutrals with glamorous results.

Golden beige and ivory make for a serene first impression in this foyer.

2018 Color Trends // Ryan Korban // MotleyDecor

Platinum and parchment dominate Ryan Korban’s impeccably polished apartment.

Gold leaf and oyster gray–a match made in interior design heaven.

Creamy whites frame a dramatic photograph in this living room while metallics twinkle on the periphery.

Lavender & Pastel Purples

Lavender is the natural reaction to the blush or so-called “millennial pink” that has dominated interior design for the last couple of years.  It’s in the same vein–a feminine pastel–but slightly less sweet and often more alluring.  Lilac, wisteria, and heather and coming…

This unconventional living room celebrates simplified forms and color–particularly that dusty lilac wall.

I can only imagine what it must feel like to call this violet oasis “home” and step into its pastel cocoon after a long day.

This hotel suite proves that lavender is an ideal candidate for a monochromatic space.

2018 Color Forecast: 4 Colors that will ACTUALLY trend this year


These wisteria-colored chairs are an unexpected but delightful choice for this luminous dining room that echo its feminine-but-not-frilly vibe.

This serene salon must have plucked its palette from the most luminous parts of an amethyst.

Here we see how heather plays well with others–other colors that is.

Oh great!  Now I need something purple and furry in my life.  This is one of those images that will cause me to loose a few hours, combing the internet from something I didn’t know that I needed a minute ago.

Sweet dreams are made of these…pretty mauve walls.


Designers with an appetite for drama have embraced black paint.  Whether an accent wall or an entire room, a dark backdrop is the perfect vehicle for offsetting a pop of color or the silhouette of a sculptural piece.  Textured and 3D walls are especially arresting in jet.  I also suspect that the pitch paint trend will usher in demand for veined zebra marble (in lieu of ubiquitous Carrara) and edgy, ebony leather.

4 Color Trends for 2018: 1. Black Accent Walls

The subtle texture of plaster was destined to be reimagined in carbon tones.

Typically, bohemian homes have been airy white affairs, outfitted with ethnic textiles in an array of colors.  This space turns that cliche on its ear, showcasing the power of shadowy shades and neutral statement pieces.

This 3D wall adds a spicy note in peppercorn.

Brass furnishings compliment the matte black accent wall and masculine leather chairs in this space.

Both color and gilding are highlighted beautifully by a lightless backdrop.

2018 Color Trends | Black | Motley Decor

Richly veined zebra marble cocktail tables echo the dramatic, dark far wall.

This bedroom hosts a plethora of scene stealers–from exuberant textiles to large scale sculptures–and ebony proves to be a stage, on which, all these starlets can shine.

“Edgy glamour” might best describe this dining room with mammoth tusks, a live edge table, and mirrored credenza.  Here, black walls seem like the only possible solution, pumping up the contrast for a dazzling display.

Do you plan on painting this year?  What colors trends do you predict in 2018?  Still undecided?  Find additional color inspiration on Motley Decor.

Elements of Granny Chic: In Honor of Mother’s Day

Both of my grandmothers are fearless decorators whose influences percolate into my home on a recurring basis.  Although, at the time, I may not realize that I chose that color or love that pattern because it recalls something from one of their homes, I eventually put the pieces together.

For example, my Nana’s living room is a sea of densely layered grays.  I look around my own living room and see dove-colored walls, a charcoal sofa, chairs upholstered in monochrome patterns, and a faux concrete fireplace.  Clearly, I borrowed that palette.

I can also trace my love of swag curtains to her living room, where the entire back wall is swaddled in elaborately draped valances and panels, concealing sliding glass doors.

Element 1 of Granny Chic Design: Elaborate Drapery

Elements of Granny Chic | Elaborate Drapery | Motley Decor


Hutton Wilkinson

And Nana is no stranger to the gallery wall.  Like most grandmothers, family photos germinate on every surface–vertical and horizontal–of her home.   Mingling among them and proudly displayed are my mother’s paintings–everything from portraits to landscapes.

This likely has something to do with my love of art and the eclectic works that pepper my own walls.

Element 2: Family Photos

However, it’s the home that my Grandma Olga lived in before my grandfather passed that I recall (through the lens of a nine-year-old) with utter fascination if not razor-sharp accuracy.  After my grandfather died, Grandma Olga moved to a smaller house and sold much of her furniture, erasing the evidence of the wonderland in which I spent countless holidays.

A two-hour drive from where I grew up, going to that house usually meant that presents or egg hunts or just plain good food was on the horizon.  It also meant that I’d see my cousins, who–along with my sister–were my favorite playmates.  So, it’s not surprising that I remember it so fondly and probably with exaggerated grandeur.

The house sat at the far end of a quiet cul de sac in the New Mexico desert.  Still, the architecture was completely out of place and not at all telling of its location.  We’d enter the house through an enclosed courtyard, beneath a canopy of scrolled wrought iron where succulents overflowed from their beds and Brandy and Peaches (two miniature poodles) rushed out to greet us.

Did I mention that I’m a rather indulgent chihuahua mama?  

Element 3: Lap Dogs

The front door would swing open and the house would smell of roasting meats and simmering sauces.  Instantly, I’d feel hungry.  Hugs and kisses were exchanged as our eyes adjusted to the light (or lack there of) inside.

Grandma Olga had one of those formal living rooms that never really got used.  However, I was somewhat preoccupied her settee.  It had deep tufts of chartreuse velvet that I thought looked like moss.  Of course, growing up in New Mexico, moss was something I’d only seen on TV and in books and I wondered if it had the same irresistible texture of velvet.

Last year, I designed a headboard that I had custom-made by a local upholsterer in a fabric as close as I could find to that of Grandma Olga’s settee.  Unlike my gray living room, this was a deliberate and conscious allusion.  

The settee was flanked by small trees or shrub-like plants.  I can’t recall if they were artificial or real.  Regardless, fake roses adorned their branches, affixed with twisty ties.  This was the aftermath of my grandfather forbidding Grandma Olga to get a Christmas tree; and so, she compromised by hanging ornaments (and fake roses) on the flora she already had.  Afterwards, she thought the roses looked too pretty to remove.  So, they remained as permanent fixtures, imitating the blooms in the oil still life on the wall.

Element 4: Still Life Paintings

The theme of rather opulent seating carried into the dining and–to be honest–is the only thing I can remember about it.  Gold-painted, old world chairs with more tufted velvet upholstery are among the few pieces of furniture Grandma Olga still has.

Coincidentally, antique chairs are a particular weakness of mine.

Element 5: Opulent Seating

Elements of Granny Chic | Opulent Seating | Motley Decor

Muriel Brandolini

Elements of Granny Chic | Opulent Seating

Dale Jarrett art

One of the other surviving pieces of furniture from the home is a three-foot-tall figural lamp of a Grecian woman carrying a cornucopia.  That piece found its way into my home a few years ago.  Score!

Element 6: Over-the-Top Lamps

The hallway that housed the bedrooms had no light fixtures and would have been impossibly dark had Grandma Olga not mounted a mirror at the far end to reflect some light down the shadowy corridor.  Beneath it was a low-slung shelf with a single silver vase holding–you guessed it–a fake rose.

Element 7: Florals

On the other hand, the bedroom I slept in was surprisingly bright with white walls and a large window above the bed.  Nearly every time I visited, the room was outfitted with different textiles.  The only constant was the use of jewel tones and exuberant patterns like paisley and Jacobean, which I still love.

Element 8: Exuberant Patterns

Elements of Granny Chic | Exuberant Patterns | Motley Decor

Cathy Kincaid

The backyard had a swimming pool, which–to my recollection–never held water.  Still, it was guarded by two enormous concrete lions that conveyed an air of both majesty and ferocity.

These superfluous creatures may very well explain my sister’s penchant for foo dogs and my own ongoing search for an oversize panther statue.

I’ve noticed other grannies tend to amass porcelain menageries not unlike Grandma Olga’s frozen sentries…

Element 9: Animal Statues

Elements of Granny Chic | Animal Statues | Motley Decor

Eddie Ross

Elements of Granny Chic | Animal Statues | Motley Decor

And that’s about where my memory abruptly ends.

This mother’s day, I’d like to thank my grandmothers for (among other things) creating enchanting backdrops for my childhood.   When I think back on the decades in which they grew up, worked, and raised children; I realize that life could not have been easy for these strong, Latina women and that they (and my grandfathers) worked very hard for every stick of furniture.  I owe them an enormous debt–not only for the creative inspiration they’ve afforded me–but also for the opportunities I’ve enjoyed as as result of their labor and progress.

Readers, thanks for joining me on my walk down Memory Lane.  I realize this was a bit more personal than my usual posts, so I appreciate your attention–especially if you’ve made it this far.  I’d love to hear about how your mothers and grandmothers have inspired you.  Please share your reveries in the comments section below.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Perennially Egg-squisite Decor

A symbol of new life, the egg is an important fixture in both Easter and Passover–a symbol that underscores the commonalities between different faiths.  In a time when more attention could be paid to our shared values (rather than our sensationalized differences), let’s take a moment to appreciate the egg–if only for its aesthetic properties and various applications in home decorating.  It’s a start.  Right?

Perennially Egg-squisite Decor | A collection of eggs is in displayed beneath a cloche in the entry of this Paris apartment

A Carrara marble Eros table by Angelo Mangiarotti marks then center of the entry of this Paris apartment, displaying a few treasures–among them a collection of variously colored eggs beneath a protective cloche.

Perennially Egg-squisite Decor | A steel-and-ostrich-egg mirror graces the living room of Lorenzo Castillo

In the gleefully eclectic and pattern-happy living room of interior designer and antiques dealer, Lorenzo Castillo, a steel-and-ostrich-egg mirror graces the wall.  Image via Elle Decor.

Perennially Egg-squisite Decor | Eggshell veneered wall panels

This painstakingly eggshell veneered dining room is the work of Eric Chapeau, commissioned by Studio Sofield and requiring 10,000 hours of work to achieve its elegant and understated crackle effect.

Perennially Egg-squisite Decor | Malachite carved eggs resting on a dining table in a home designed by Jean-Louis Deniot

In this Los Angeles dining room designed by Jean-Louis Deniot (a hero of mine and a name often alluded to on this site), carved malachite eggs rest ceremoniously on the dining table, echoing the green of nearby flora.

Perennially Egg-squisite Decor | An egg shaped outdoor bath

The egg must have inspired the sleek, modernist shape of this inviting outdoor bath.  Perhaps the shape was even chosen to impart and rejuvenating effect on bathers.

Perennially Egg-squisite Decor | A crystal beaded light fixture in the shape of an egg

This kitchen’s light fixture is strongly reminiscent of a Faberge egg with its tapered oval shape and glittering and gilded adornments.  The opulent gesture is a fitting (if not ironic) tribute in a room where (presumably) the model is regularly cracked and cooked.

Perennially Egg-squisite Decor | 1970s Venini egg sculpture in Allegra Hicks' Naples home

An oversize 1970s Venini egg sculpture acts as an amber beacon is the otherwise cool-hued Naples home of designer Allegra Hicks.  Image via AD.

May you have an egg-cellent rest of your day!

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

I’m a sucker for (digital) tours of celebrity homes.  Try as I might to resist cyber snooping–invariably–my curiosity gets the better of me.  And it matters little whom the celebrity is.  Perhaps it’s because I think of celebrities as having glamorous lifestyles and uncapped budgets and, therefore, beautiful homes.  (Often times they do, but this is not always the case.)  Or maybe I’m just nosy.  Either way, you can benefit from my lack of self control.  After touring many a celebrity home (online), I’ve rounded up the most gorgeous, tasteful, and stunning abodes–and believe me–there are some surprises in this top ten…

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

Hilary Swank may need to change her name to Swanky, because that’s the best word to describe her beautiful Paris apartment.  Modern furniture, bold splashes of color, and meticulous editing characterize the space.  Her superb taste–bolstered by the help of Axel Huynh–permeates every room.  Tour the rest of her Left Bank home at AD.

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s New York home strikes a rare balance between the masculine and the feminine.  A metals-forward approach and moody palette represent the yang while unexpected luxuries and thoughtful embellishments usher in the yin.  Add an impressive art collection into the mix and you have a thing of beauty.  Best of all, their home feels unique, genuine.  See the rest of it here.

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

Multi-talented Ellen Denergeres isn’t just funny, but stylish too.  She’s hosted design shows, launched a furniture line, and released a book detailing her life-long love affair with real estate and decorating.  In it, you can peak inside the rooms of her homes (like the one pictured above) as well as the homes of her designer and antiques dealing friends.  Learn more at 1stdibs.

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

Gwen Stefani recently listed her Beverly Hills estate, sending Kelly Wearstler fans into a tizzy.  Although Wearstler decorated Stefani’s home, it is not featured on Wearstler’s website and–before now–pictures of the project were hard to come by.  However, it was worth the wait.  This sprawling property contains many of the hallmarks of Wearstler’s designs.  Stunning rock specimens and mosaics fill the space.  Black and white patterns energize the rooms.  Modern art abounds and ’70s inspired furniture rules.  Its not difficult to imagine No Doubt’s front woman living here.  Her bold aesthetic is well-reflected in Wearstler’s work.  View the rest of the property here.

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

And while we’re on the subject of celebrity homes designed by Kelly Wearstler, we have to cover Cameron Diaz’s New York apartment.  Sadly, she too has since listed her home.  What are these women thinking?  And while the new owners may not preserve Wearstler’s design, Elle Decor has documented it for our viewing pleasure.

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

Frankly, I never would have pegged Will Ferrell for a celebrity with impeccable taste in art and interior design.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a fan of him and his films, but–honestly–who’d have guessed?  Of course, his immaculately furnished home may have something to do with the fact that he married an auctioneer and art buff.   Whatever the case, I applaud the hilarious and discerning Old School star.  The AD description of  his New York pied-à-terre reads like a who’s who of modern art and design.  Take for example the Lichtenstein print pictured above and blue felted Eames chairs on the left…

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

These mossy green walls ought to deliver a clue as to which celebrity calls this inviting living room home…gorgeous, flame-haired Jessica Chastain.  And, although the space skews more traditional than one may have expected from an actress her age, it would be difficult to argue that this interior is anything short of breathtaking.  The intricate shape of the coffee table is the perfect accompaniment to the glittering chandelier above.  A jute rug, velvet sofa, and suede-like walls provide textural delights.  Perhaps more importantly, however, are the touches of white that keep the light (and eye) bouncing around the  room.  These chalky touches are not at odds with the moody atmosphere of lichen and redwood, but executed with such finesse as to be complimentary.  This is my favorite room in Chastain’s home, but you can view the rest of this celebrity home tour on AD.

Meg Ryan is yet another celebrity to list her lovely home recently.  If you are a regular reader of this blog and think this room looks oddly familiar, you might recall when I compared it to Ruth Negga’s Golden Globes gown in an earlier post.  In any case, how chic is this dining room?  That antiqued mirror accent wall makes the space.  The black walls set it off as if it were a jewel and the oversize hanging lantern provides just enough pizzazz.  Well done, Meg, well done.  In the market?  Head over to Elle Decor and see if the rest of her SOHO apartment is to your liking…

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

This is where Hayden Pannettiere and Vladamir Klitschko dine.  Their soulful Nashville home demonstrates an affinity for dark cozy rooms, strikingly patterned walls, and downright beautiful furniture.  Domino features a more extensive look at the couple’s high contrast home.

10 Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

Finally (and not surprisingly) we end with Gwyneth Paltrow’s home–specifically the Brentwood house she shared with Chris Martin.  Designed by Windsor Smith, the Goop founder’s nest exudes relaxed elegance with crisp white walls, carefully selected antiques, and the occasional surprise.  The shapely marble urns filled with succulents in this room haunt my design dreams.  Catch the full tour here.

Well, did seeing these 10 gorgeous celebrity homes change your opinion of any of the inhabitants?  If so, tell us in the comments.

3 Ways to Decorate with Red

Red is a color often associated with love, passion, and intensity.  As such, it can be an overwhelming–or even intimidating–shade to decorate with.  But fear not!  Following are 3 tried-and-true strategies for decorating with red…

Make a Singular Statement

Decorating with red doesn’t have to be a full-blown commitment.  Sometimes, a single scarlet piece or coat of red paint will deliver the intended effect.

Decorating with Red | Motley Decor

A shiny, candy apple red staircase is all that is needed to make a statement in this home.

This traditional home benefits from modern touches–like these accents chairs: two cherries on top of the ice cream sundae that is this room.

Even amongst other vibrant hues, a cardinal skirted table imparts a cheery, impactful effect in this colorful Connecticut home.

This hallway is punctuated by red fretwork panels, providing the space’s only pop of color and stealing all of the attention.

Group Red Accents

Red pieces also tend to look good en masse.  A grouping of red furnishings or accessories will satisfy a more intense appetite for vermillion.

How to Decorate with Red | Group Red Accents |

This entry by Christian Lyon features a red vignette, in which, layers of the shade–clustered tightly together–are visually greater than the sum of their parts.

Modern art, python skin, and watercolor blooms are unlikely companions, combined with enviable confidence in this space and united by a common rosy hue.

Ruby reigns supreme in this Dallas jewelry designer’s dining room.  From the curtains, to the seat cushions, to the various vessels; splashes of red keep the eye moving around the room.

Fabrizio Rollo is no stranger to color and here he takes on lipstick red.  While this is not a red room per se, red is certainly the dominant color.  The complex mix of neutrals and foils to the shade  make it all the more enjoyable.

Sheath the Walls and Bring in Neutrals

Unlike other hues, red can act as the main event and the backdrop, as evidenced by the rooms that follow.  What else do they have in common?  Restraint.  Red walls are the only instance of color in these spaces.  The furniture, art, and accessories are largely neutral.  This keeps the color focus on the rainbow’s top shade and simultaneously highlights the textures, patterns, lusters, and sculptural qualities of the rooms’ furnishings.

3 Ways to Decorate with Red | 3 of 3 | Sheath the Walls

This fire engine red foyer by Nick Olsen makes a stunning first impression, especially when paired with chic black and white.

Here, poppy-tinged walls beautifully offset an antique console table stocked with treasures.

And lastly, red lacquer walls are one of the few treatments that can withstand the drama of this room: an intricately carved mantel, cast peacock chairs, leopard upholstery, gold cocktail tables–these furnishings call for an equally intense envelopment.  Rather than competing on pattern, shape or shine; it’s a dose of crimson that answers that call.

Ready to start decorating with red?  Either way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

If SAG Awards Gowns Were Rooms…

The red carpet of last night’s Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards brought to mind many a room.  From the daring risk takers to the tastefully understated, dresses from the event bear strong resemblances to some stunning feats of interior design.  Thus, if gowns from the 2017 SAG Awards were rooms, they’d look like this…

Nicole Kidman donned my favorite gown of the evening, putting the “siren” in “screen siren” with a none too subtle ornithology themed dress.  With a parrot head on each shoulder–complete with real feathers–and cascading green sequins, her dress called to mind Jared Seligman’s kelly green living room that features of collection of taxidermy birds, including a parrot and peacock as shown above.

Busy Philipps was another risk taker who dazzled.  Although camouflage and sequins do not traditionally go hand in hand, perhaps they should.  Her gown channeled the sparkle, violet hues, and camo print that make this Parisian apartment by Sandra Benhamou so enchanting.

A Deco dagger motif and the glamor of gold form an undeniable bond between this powder room and Zuri Hall’s 2017 SAG Awards gown.

Judith Light redefined ageless in a slinky, velvet, royal blue gown.  Similarly, this room–with it’s simple shapes and monochromatic moody blues–is equally timeless.

One can always count on Viola Davis for a clean, polished, and stunning look on the red carpet.  Last night’s white gown kept that tradition alive.  Notice how her necklace mimics the Sputnik chandelier and how the peaks of her neckline imitate the arched tops of the dining chairs in this room by Vicente Wolf.

Delicate flesh tone hues and intricate pattern adorn both Emily Blunt and this dining room.

Both feature a black floral pattern and both tease an intimate reveal.  The subject of the portrait in the Hotel Providence bears a shoulder while Emma Stone’s gown suggests  a “wardrobe malfunction”.

Perhaps more revealing, however, was Julie Bowen’s lacework dress with geometric panels that could easily be attributed to trelliage–like that found in this sunroom.

Hats off to all the ladies who graced the red carpet of the 2017 SAG Awards last night, especially these gorgeous 8.  Oscars, you’re on deck!

Home Decor Trends to Watch for in 2017

2016 brought us some exciting trends in interior design–many of which will endure in 2017.  However, I’m certain that this year will usher in even more delicious trends.  After much deliberation, I’m ready to go on record with my 2017 home decor trend predictions.  Here goes nothing..

Inventive Botanicals

Plant life has had a second life in home decorating.  Potted plants–from cacti and succulents to fiddle leaf fig trees–are growing in popularity.  Even Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year was named Greenery in their honor.  So, naturally, home decorators will take this to the next level.  We’re seeing evidence of this new trajectory already…

Decorgasm: Rebecca de Ravenel's Ravishing Apartment

If you caught my post on Rebecca de Ravenel’s apartment, then you might recall the canvas palm trees that populated her abode.

2017 Home Decor Trends Projections from

Living walls are also a *thing*–both indoors and out.  Here, succulents live in a frame and are displayed as art.

Inventive Botanicals | Home Decor Trends Projections from

Another unexpected way to display botanicals?  This home substitutes blooms for lights in an overhead chandelier.

2017 Home Decor Trends Projections from

And Kelly Wearstler has introduced these everlasting Bauble Blossoms, composed of minerals and gems.

Stunning Stones

Gems and minerals are indeed the new normal.  Hardly a home hits the internet that doesn’t contain some quantity of Carrara marble.  And while this stone possesses a certain classic appeal, there is no shortage of breathtaking onyx (and other rocks) waiting in the wings to overshadow their gray and white counterpart.

Stunning Stones | 2017 Home Decor Trends | Motley Decor

From small, sparkling touches like this quartz drawer pull…

…to bolder gestures like this iridescent labradorite sink…

…to rooms utterly clad in various types of multi-colored marble like this stunning space, rock has a powerful impact in the home.  In fact, last April I suggested that installing stone was a splurge worthy of your tax refund.  I stand by that assertion.  Expect to see stunning stones trending in 2017.

Acid Yellow Accents

If Fashion Week, the 2016 Emmys, and the 2017 Golden Globes are any indication: vibrant yellow is fashion’s current favorite color.

Acid Yellow Accents | Home Decor Trends Projections from

This is bound to migrate from the catwalk to the homestead.  And, to date, we haven’t seen much of this–at least not lately.  However, following are some compelling reasons to inject your home with hints of acid yellow…

Acid Yellow Accents | Home Decor Trends Projections from

Versatile Furniture

These days, small homes garner just as much buzz and decor discussion as grand estates.  Still, small spaces are not without their challenges.  When decorating a small space, furniture selection is key.  Not only are you forced to edit–squeezing in only those pieces you absolutely love–but the scale must also be appropriate for the room.  And, of course, anytime a piece of furniture can pull double duty, it’s an added bonus.  This brings me to the next 2017 home decorating trend projection: versatile, space-saving furniture.

2017 Home Decor Trends to Watch For | 1 of 5 | Versatile Furniture

This living room boasts two types of versatile furniture.  First, the trio of trunks function as both tables and hidden storage vehicles.  Second, that gnarled root stool is sometimes a drink rest and sometimes an extra seat.

red lacquer paint

Antique hall trees–besides being sculptural beauties–are also multifunctional.  This red painted specimen is a hat rack, umbrella stand, drawer, table, and mirror all in one.  This single piece performs the duties of 5 furnishings–and looks good doing it!

2017 Home Decor Trends | Versatile Furniture | 1 of 5 on Motley Decor

Another space saver is the wall-mounted, fold out secretary.  It offers compact storage without taking up any real estate on the floor and can expand to provide a surface that can be used as a desk, wet bar…whatever.  This handsome walnut and brass example is from West Elm.

1980s Revivals

This particular 2017 trend projection precipitates from the error I made in last year’s forecast when I thought  that home decorators would work backwards from Midcentury towards antiques and, instead, they looked to the ’70s for design inspiration.  Thus, the next logical progression is the ’80s (and as a child of the 1980s, I have mixed feelings about this).  Still, this prognostication comes with a caveat.  The ’80s are coming–if not in 2017–then soon thereafter…

Watch for pastels and quirky furniture inspired by the Memphis Group’s previously snubbed designs.

So, those are my trend projections for this year.  Do you foresee any other trends that I’ve missed?  Tell us in the comments.

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