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Champagne Flutes & Coupes to Ring in the New Year in Style

Champagne is nearly synonymous with New Year’s Eve.  Midnight toasts always call for bubbles.  And, truly, there is no better occasion for beautiful glassware.  Flutes are the usual choice, but champagne coupes are surely making a comeback.  As a glassware addict, I believe that drinking from stylish vessels can both enhance the flavor of your sparkling wine and cast a favorable glow over the entire evening.  In light of that, following are the prettiest and most unique champagne glasses that you can still pick up between now and Saturday night…

Champagne Flutes & Coupes to Ring in the New Year in Style | Shopping | Motley Decor

Black flutes from ZGallerie will add drama to your drinks table or bar cart.  A set of 4 costs less than $26.

Coupes are extra glamorous covered with tiny gold dots.  You can pick these beauties up at Walmart for under $100 for a set of 4.

Riffing off of a popular mid century trend, these flutes have a chrome-and-ombre effect.  The set of 4 will cost you less than $50.

A classic is revived thanks to West Elm.  These champagne coupes sell for $48 for a set of 6.

Oleg Cassini designed these lead crystal glasses, available at Bed Bath and Beyond where a pair runs about $50.


A tempting splurge: these emerald green crystal coupes are about $200/pair at Macy’s.

Stemless wine glasses have had their moment and now it’s time for stemless champagne flutes.  These playful pink vessels are only $3 a piece at CB2.

If you love pink, but still prefer a stem, try these handblown flutes by Sagaform.  The pair is about $25.

And last but not least, check out these chunky smoke gray flutes.  Singles are available for $10 each.

Torn by all of the options?  I’m with you and a proponent of mixed stemware myself.  This is partly because I cannot commit to a single style with so many gorgeous options to choose from.  However, it also creates for more interesting tablescapes with glasses of various heights, shapes, and even colors.  A mix of barware also serves two more practical functions.  First, it allows each of my guests to drink from a unique glass that he or she can easily identify–a sort of tracking system for drinks.  And second, I come from a long line of clumsy women.  Inevitably, each of my lovely glasses will break.  When one does, I just sweep up the mess and move on.  I avoid the hassle of trying to keep my matched set whole.  I’ll just pick up some other pretty glass to replace the broken one.  So, mix it up if you are so inclined.

Happy shopping and the happiest of New Years!


Stools Too Cool for School

Inspired by the mismatched stool trend?  Here are 10 unique stools to consider mixing an matching in your home…

10 Stools Too Cool for School

The Canaan accent table from Jonathan Adler combines marble and brass in a shapely silhouette.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Found on, this teak stool from Uma features a crackled resin inlay.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

This 3-legged stool from Zgallerie is molded to resemble animal legs and hooves.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Pier1’s Arabella garden stool is ceramic with an exotic, pierced motif and metallic gold glaze.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Slightly taller than your average stool, this copper beauty has rustic appeal with a colorful patina and hammered texture.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Faux bois meets neon pink in the form of papier mache to create this stump.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Two-toned and masculine, CB2’s Silo side tables come in two shapes.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

You can’t get much more luxe or cool than Kelly Wearslter’s Bejeweled Stool.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

This wood stool is weathered and architectural in nature.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Cork is an unexpected but fantastic choice for this chunky geometric side table from West Elm.

Overwhelmed at Ikea? Here’s Your Shopping List…

A trip to Ikea can be a daunting endeavor.  The showroom is an exercise in sensory overload, where many of us lose all sense of time and flee to the cafeteria to seek comfort in Swedish meatballs and $1 ice cream cones.  Still, there are great deals to be had in this black-hole-of-a-furniture store.  The key is to plan ahead.  Explore the website, create your shopping list, check inventory, and–by all means–clear your schedule that day!  Having just made a fruitful expedition to Ikea yesterday, I’ve done most of the work for you.  Here’s what I recommend you check out…Overwhelmed at Ikea? Here's Your Shopping List Courtesy of Motley Decor | 1. Graphic Black & White Accessories

Graphic Black & White Accessories

Monochromatic Scandinavian rooms are a bit of  thing these days and–true to their Swedish roots–Ikea is answering the call with cool, graphic, black and white textiles and accessories.  This is just a sampling of my favorites: Sillerup rug,   FLÖNG rug, VÅRGYLLEN cushion cover, and Tickar plate.

Overwhelmed at Ikea? Here's Your Shopping List Courtesy of Motley Decor | 2. Furnishings Made from Natural Fibers

Furnishings Made from Natural Fibers

This is probably the category for which Ikea is most celebrated: natural fibers.  The quality is on point and the prices are ridiculously fair.  Sisal rugs and wicker chairs are staples in their inventory.  However, right now, they are also carrying some eye-catching baskets in their Viktigt and FLÅDIS lines.

Overwhelmed at Ikea? Here's Your Shopping List Courtesy of Motley Decor | 3. Paper Shades & Lanterns

Paper Shades & Lanterns

Another perennial score at Ikea is their collection of paper shades and lanterns.  These big, bulbous beauties can read mid century, Scandinavian, Asian, modernist, and more.  They’re also simple enough to melt into a variety of other styles.  Pendants are especially striking–whether hung alone or en masse.


Overwhelmed at Ikea? Here's Your Shopping List Courtesy of Motley Decor | 4. Cork Pieces

Cork Pieces

From serveware to furniture, Ikea’s currently carrying a ton of unique, cork pieces.  Cork is a great way to introduce an new, natural texture to a space that’s perhaps a bit wood-heavy.  It will blends in equally well in neutral and colorful spaces.

Overwhelmed at Ikea? Here's Your Shopping List Courtesy of Motley Decor | 5. Untreated, Solid Wood Furniture

Untreated, Solid Wood Furniture

Ikea’s Ivar collection will make you feel as if you’ve died and gone to DIY heaven.  These pieces are inexpensive and constructed from solid pine.  They are completely untreated, inviting you to apply your own custom finish.  The fact that the furniture comes unassembled is actually a plus in this instance, because you can paint or stain each piece individually to assure maximum coverage.

Overwhelmed at Ikea? Here's Your Shopping List Courtesy of Motley Decor | 6. Other Miscellaneous Goodies

Other Miscellaneous Goodies

And, of course, there were various other treasures and steals I couldn’t quite categorize.  Sheepskins are all the rage right now and available in authentic or synthetic versions at Ikea.  There’s also the Satsumas plant stand with a sculptural, minimalist bearing.  The Fado table lamp offers a modern take on globe lighting.  Their Tobias chrome-and-lucite, cantilever chair comes in  clear, gray, or lilac.  Lastly, Ikea’s Giltig glassware is nearly irresistible with its pretty cobalt-to-clear ombre effect.

5 Splurges Worthy of Your Tax Refund

If you were lucky enough to receive a tax refund this year, chances are you’re in the mood to splurge a little.  However, deciding what to splurge on can be a tough decision.  Here are some suggestions from someone who didn’t get a refund this year, but wishes she did…

Statement Lighting

5 Tax Refund-Worthy Splurges | 1. Statement Lighting | RH Modern | Motley Decor

Earlier this year, I predicted that statement lighting (with a modern twist) would be one of the top home decor trends of 2016 and I’m sticking to my guns on this one.  Open any interior design magazine–large-scale, abstract light fixtures pepper the pages.  Retailers are taking note and producing more affordable options.  Case in point: the (above) Bistro Globe Chandelier from RH Modern.

Investing in statement lighting is a splurge worthy of your tax refund, because it’s high impact.  Lighting not only illuminates a room, but often serves as a focal point.  Furthermore, these modern simplified designs are flexible, harmonizing with a variety of styles and–for that reason–are likely to have longevity.


Minerals | 5 Splurges Worthy of Your Tax Refund | Motley Decor

It’s true: minerals from amethyst to marble are enjoying some serious attention from architects and interior designers alike.  Is this a temporary trend?  I think not.  Minerals belong to mother nature and mother nature doesn’t produce passing fads.  She is the creator of the world’s most beautiful wonders and a perennial source of inspiration to artists in every discipline.

That being said, if you are contemplating a new quartzite counter top or even a marble side table, go for it!  The stunning metamorphic specimen pictured above is emerald onyx from Gem International and would make an incredible fireplace surround–among other things…

Antique or Vintage Furniture

5 Splurges Worth of Your Tax Refund | Antique & Vintage Furniture | Motley Decor

Good design never goes out of style and good design that has ceased production, becomes rare.  Rarity breeds appreciation.  In other words, well-made antique and vintage furniture is likely to hold its value.  So, really, it’s more of an investment than a splurge.

Last week, design legend Vladamir Kagan passed away at the age of 88.  He is credited with introducing curves to contemporary design.  This is evident in his famous kidney-shaped sofas–as well as the Nautilus swivel chairs above.  (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

Handmade Bedding

5 Splurges Worthy of Your Tax Refund | Quilts/Handmade Bedding | Motley Decor

Growing up, my mom had a strong affinity for a style we now call “shabby chic”.  As a result, all of the bedding in our home was eventually switched out for antique, handmade quilts.  I distinctly remember lying in the top bunk, beneath my own quilt for the first time, marveling at the treasure with which I had been entrusted.  The fabric had developed an ivory patina and each stitch was slightly imperfect, alluding to its hand-sewn origins.  Even as a child, I found these qualities precious.  Since then, I’ve had a soft spot for quilts.

Sure, handmade quilts are expensive in comparison to their mass-produced counterparts or even comforters and duvets, but they can be storied pieces of art that impart a little luxury to your slumber.  In other words, they merit a bit of splurging.  And if your style is less-than-traditional, today’s quilters have you covered with an array of more modern designs.  The black and white chevron quilt above is by HanabiQuilts on Etsy.

New Flatware

5 Splurges Worthy of Your Tax Refund | New Flatware | Motley Decor

Flatware is to a tablescape as jewelry is to an outfit.  In both cases, it’s nice to have options.  Maybe you love your casual cutlery, but are craving a more formal set.  Perhaps you’ve jumped on the rose gold bandwagon and want your forks to follow suit.  It’s also possible that Jonathan Adler’s quirky-cool Keytlery flatware is haunting you the way it’s been haunting me.  Really, any excuse for wanting new utensils is totally justified.  (Jewelry for your dining table–right?)

Whatever your splurge of choice, I hope that Uncle Sam has put one of these purchases in reach for you this year.  Happy Tax Day!

How to Furnish a Serene, Beachy, Boho Room

Inspired by Rebecca de Ravenel’s gorgeous home, I couldn’t resist riffing off of her soothing, tropical-feeling, bohemian oasis of a dining room…

How to Furnish a Serene Beachy Boho Room

An overdyed, cobalt blue rug lays the foundation and is a close match to the one de Ravenel selected.  For the tablecloth, I veered off path a little–selecting a more colorful and bold print–but it touches the floor like de Ravenel’s, lending the space a luxurious, laid back feel.  With no collection to display (because those are amassed over time), I used a pair of wicker folding screens to frame the room, shifting the focus to the turquoise lantern, which hangs a little lower.  Working in tandem with the folding screens are twin  canvas banana trees in lieu of palms.  And here I deviate a little again.  Instead of adding another skirted table instance, I used ombre, bamboo floor vases.  Similarly, I found blue and white bistro chairs rather than bringing in more wicker.  On the table are spongeware from Tori Burch and aqua goblets.

And now I’ve worked up an appetite.  Until next time…

Shopping for Kisses

Feeling romantic this Valentine’s Day?  Show your home some love with these kiss-themed accessories…

Kiss Accessories from Kelly Wearstler | Motley Decor

Kelly Wearstler–God bless her–offers a variety of kiss-inspired accessories.  Above is a sampling, but see them all here.

Lips loveseat & other kiss inspired decor for Valentine's Day | Motley Decor

Snuggle up and pucker up with your other half on this loveseat.

Kisses custom fabric & other Valentine's Day Decor on Motley Decor

From cloth napkins to upholstery, the possibilities are endless with this custom kisses fabric from Spoonflower.  Available in a variety of colorways.

Shopping for kisses in decor on Motley Decor | Valentine's Day

This pop art canvas print (found on MyHabit) is edgy, sexy, and may just complete your gallery wall.

Kisses from the home | Lip-themed decor | Valentine's Day | Motley Decor

Roxanne, you don’t have to turn on the red light.  These neon lips are pink.

Lips & kisses for your home this Valentine's Day on Motley Decor

Or own a Donald Robertson original.

Need more inspiration?  Check out these rooms with kiss-themed decor.  Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!


Serenity Blue Decor

When Pantone announced that 2016 would have two official colors, there was no directive that the two had to be used in concert.  So, if you’re more of a “blue person” than a “pink person”, consider these items for your serenity blue decor…

Serenity blue decor | Motley Decor | Dining Chair

This dining chair from Pier1 has a mid century vibe and beautiful (serenity) blue linen upholstery.  It’s clean lines would compliment a motley of styles.

Handmade mug & saucer | Serenity Blue Decor on Motley Decor

Slathered in a serenity blue drip glaze, this mug and saucer by Seva Art is handmade and just beautiful.  It’s ok to leave out dirty dishes when they’re this pretty.

Coral sculpture | Motley Decor | Shopping: Serenity Blue Decor

Leave it to Williams Sonoma to create a coral sculpture this life-like–and in serenity blue nonetheless!

Metallic blue wallpaper & more serenity blue decor on Motley Decor

Reminiscent of tea paper or foxed mirrors, this wallpaper boasts a metallic sheen with a tinge of blue.  It would look incredible in a dining room or on any ceiling.

Ombre curtains | Serenity Blue Decor on Motley Decor

I don’t know about you, but I am far from over the ombre trend–especially when it comes to dip dyed curtains.  Hanging a pair like this close to the ceiling and letting them pool on the floor a little would add height and drama to a room–not to mention a pop of serenity.

Dried globe thistles | Serenity Blue Decor Ideas | Motley Decor

Globe thistles naturally bloom in a vibrant blue-violet shade.  Dried, the color softens to a pale blue with just a hint of lavender.  So, not only is the color perfect for serenity blue decor, but these botanical beauties don’t need water and will last for years.

Leather bound vintage books | Ideas for incorporating serenity blue on Motley Decor

Weathered leather takes on a certain charm in dusty blues.  This collection of vintage books–in serenity blue–provides another means for adding serene shades of blue to a room.


Shopping Finds in Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, one of Pantone’s two colors of 2016, inspires endless options in the world of decorating.  Color pyschology tells us that pink is calming, tranquil.  Understandably, many of us seek to achieve that sort of atmosphere in our homes.  If you’ve climbed aboard the rose quartz bandwagon, here are some exceptional finds to consider as you decorate.

Shopping for Rose Quartz Decor | Motley Decor

There’s something about the way light filters through pink (or rose quartz) vintage glassware that is just undeniably beautiful.   This 8-piece vanity set that I found on etsy is no exception.  It would be gorgeous displayed on a vanity or even a bathroom counter.

Shopping for Rose Quartz | Velvet | Motley Decor

Velvet is another material that makes me weak in the knees when it takes on a rosy hue.  This throw pillow from Layla Grace shimmers in rose quartz.

Shopping for Rose Quartz Decor

Rose gold, rose quartz’s sister is also having a moment and–like sisters–the two belong together.  The geometric design of this table is a foil to the feminine finish, making for an unexpected statement piece.  Available at Gilt.

Shopping finds in rose quartz | Motley Decor

Few things can rival the romance of candlelight.  And, whether it’s a pressed glass candlestick or a gilded sconce, colored taper candles are a subtle but lovely to inject color into a room.  Why not try these?

Wallpaper & other finds in rose quartz | Motley Decor

How fun is this tiger damask wallpaper in rose quartz?  It would be stunning in a powder room, bedroom, or walk-in closet.  Design by Nouveau Bohemian via Spoonflower.

Shopping for Rose Quartz decor on Motley Decor

This art print could add a little edge to a pink room, while blending in at the same time.  Discovered on 1stdibs.

Rose gold mirror & other rose quartz pink finds on Motley Decor

I couldn’t resist adding one more rose gold item to this list after stumbling across this awesome mirror on  It feels unapologetically glamorous with an updated Art Deco vibe.  Who wouldn’t want to gussy up in front of this?

Decor in Emerald & Citrine

A week later, I still can’t get over Gloria Windsor’s office in Mozart in the Jungle.   The combination of emerald and citrine is utterly enchanting and I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate the two jewel tones into my own home.  Here are some of my favorite emerald and citrine discoveries thus far…

Decor in Emerald & Citrine

Clockwise: Vintage orange wine goblets found on etsy, Pompeii pillow from ZGallerie, malachite inspired side table from Dot & Bo, teal ginger jar via Chairish, citrine candle holder available at Amazon, overdyed green rug at Overstock.


Gift Ideas for Design Lovers

Well, it’s officially December and if you squandered all those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals (like I did), you may be realizing (as I am) that it’s time to get serious about gift shopping this holiday season–and that the clock is ticking!  There are only 5 days until Hanukkah begins and 24 days left until Christmas.  And, if November was any indication, the month of December will fly by.

In an effort to help soothe any anxieties you may be having (and that I am definitely having), here are some gift ideas for design lovers…

For the most part, my gift ideas for design lovers fall into 5 categories:

1. Sources of Inspiration

Magazine subscriptions are the gift that keep on giving all year.  When I come home from a long day of work and see a glossy new House Beautiful on my counter, I break into a happy dance.  Elle Decor, Veranda, and Architectural Digest are also great ideas.  If you prefer to watch the recipient rip open the wrapping paper, consider a design book.  Eddie Ross has a new one out called “Modern Mix” and Jean-Louis Deniot’s first book is still fairly new and generating buzz.  Of course, if you prefer to share this wonderful blog you’re reading, good news: it’s totally free!

2. Bougie Barware

The bar cart has been a phenomenon in home decorating as of late, so it’d be hard to compile a list of gift ideas for design lovers without incorporating some fabulous drinking paraphernalia, such as fancy…

  • Bottle stoppers
  • Bottle openers
  • Coasters
  • Decanters
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Ice buckets
  • Wine chillers

Look for beautiful and luxurious barware that your recipient might not splurge on for him or herself.  Alternatively, seek out vintage barware from an era that he or she loves.

3. Hosting Tools

There are certain things that a host or hostess will simply never have enough of, like:

  • Coasters
  • Serving platters
  • Games
  • Cook books

And then there are those items that add a little luxury to a gathering, but that perhaps didn’t make it onto the wedding gift registry, for instance…

  • Dessert forks
  • Espresso cups
  • A cute apron
  • Wine glass markers
  • Digestif glasses

4. Gourmet Gifts

Beyond the predictable bottle of wine, there are plenty of gourmet food and drink items that make great gift ideas for design lovers and epicureans.  Look into quality:

  • Olive Oil
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Specialty salts
  • Craft beer
  • Cheeses

5. Personal Luxuries

Then there are those little luxuries that do wonders for relieving stress…a great smelling candle can be restorative, a beautiful pashmina can be draped over the shoulders or the end of a sofa, and a day at the spa certainly never hurt anyone.

Gift ideas for design lovers on

Above from left to right: Eddie Ross’ Modern Mix, Truffle salt from Williams Sonoma, a handmade apron found on etsy, mirrored coasters from, Kelly Wearstler’s Acolyte ice pail, Cards Against Humanity, Espresso cups by Tom Dixon, glass decanter from Jonathan Adler.  

Hopefully reading this post has sparked some gift ideas for design lovers in your life.  Happy Shopping!




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