Home decorating is a form of expression that allows you to live in an environment of your own creation.  Our homes are our sanctuaries–the places where we not only eat and sleep–but take refuge from the outside world.  Home decor, therefore, is more than an extension of your personal style.  It’s a  reflection of how you live, how you want to feel, and what moves you.  If nothing else, your decorating choices should impart a sense of home and enhance the experience of being there.

Of course, that’s not it’s only function.  For those who entertain, the choices you make in home decorating provide your guests with a little peak into your inner workings.  How you choose to decorate your home and can signal warmth, imagination, tranquility or any number of impressions.

Elements in Home Decor

Color, of course, plays a huge role in home decor.  Colors evoke memories, emotions, and atmosphere.  Equally true, the absence of color can have similar effects on both you and your fellow inhabitants–as well as your guests.

Furniture–at the core of home decorating–is largely functional, but can also be inviting, luxurious, or sculptural.  Using different furniture styles can showcase different facets of your personality (or personalities) or even allude to various geographies and time periods.  More and more, contemporary home decorators and interior designers are embracing that peculiar mix that makes a house a home.

Textiles provide opportunities for layers upon layers of character to exude.  Texture, color, and pattern all tell a story.

The most telling clues, however, as to your unique home decorating aesthetic are perhaps your art and accessories.  Purely ornamental, the paintings, sculptures, and objects we curate in our homes are often emotional purchases and deeply personal items.  Or, they may reflect larger movements or trends in the design world.  Of course, not every trend will resonate.  It’s those that do that make their way into your home and leave a mark (sometimes akin to a time stamp) in your home decor.

The Importance of Inspiration for Home Decorators

If you’re reading this, you likely agree that home decorating is a profound and worthwhile endeavor.  It can certainly be challenging, expensive, and timely.  But inspiration conquers all!  Inspiration can motivate us to pummel through challenges, finding creative alternatives to achieve the end goal: a home we love.  Expense is somewhat inherent in home decor, but that impact can be minimized.  DIY projects and shopping in second-hand and emerging markets can largely offset costs–if you’re inspired to do so.  Time, on the other hand, cannot be skirted.  Rather than inflicting a sense of urgency on yourself, enjoy the journey.  Allow your home–and the decorating of it–to evolve over time.  The end result will be far more authentic than a rushed home decorating job and you will probably treasure it even more and for longer.

The purpose of this blog to play an active role in the online home decorating community.  I hope that my ideas, projects, and decorating posts will spark ideas and inspiration for your own adventures in home decorating.  I know that my inspirations have been largely fueled by interior design and home decor resources I’ve found online.  The goal is to pay it forward.  So, thanks for stopping by!