6 Red and Green Rooms that Look Good All Year

Red and green rooms get a lot of attention during Christmas time, but what about the rest of the year?  Is the quintessential Christmas color combination appropriate year-round?  Here are six gorgeous red and green rooms that say yes!

Red and green rooms | Dorothy Draper

Chances are: you’ve seen this picture before.  Dorothy Draper and her boldly hued interiors are nothing short of iconic.  Here, a red stair runner combines with the green of the palm wallpaper.  This combination of red and green extends throughout the Greenbrier, making for a perennially beautiful scene.

6 Red and Green Rooms that Look Good All Year | Matthew Bees

Designer Matthew Bees infused his NY apartment with southern charm and vibrant color.  Kelly green walls envelope the small space, peppered with pops of red like the studded stool and candles held in the chandelier.  The resulting effect doesn’t feel too Christmas-y thanks to carefully layered neutrals.

6 Red & Green Rooms that Look Good All Year | Summer Thornton

Summer Thornton designed this bedroom with green striped walls, a mossy-chartreuse headboard, shapely crimson upholstered chairs, and lacquered nightstands.  Black and white also plays an important role in this room, lending it a year-round appeal.

6 Red and green rooms | Daniel Romualdez

In Daphne Guinness’ stunning living room, white dominates.  Small doses of color punctuate the room, most notably the scarlet lacquer side table and velvet upholstery of the side chairs.  Topiaries in the background provide a pinch of green.  Still, glamour defines this space rather than a holiday feel.

6 Red and green rooms that look good all year |  María Lladó

This lovely, red-washed library is the work of María Lladó.  A single green pillow qualified the room for this list, but it’s sky blue companion and the striking white furnishings keep the room feeling season-neutral.  This is just another example of how red and green rooms can look chic and appealing for the other 11 months out of the year.

6 Red and green rooms to love all year | Muriel Brandolini

Last, but certainly not least, Muriel Brandolini’s bohemian-inspired salon boasts a red and green palette–with shades of blue used in equal proportions.  Baby blue walls make for a surprisingly neutral backdrop.  A sapphire blue planter matches the emerald green upholstery in intensity.  Ruby cushions add an extra punch and echo the walls of the adjoining room.

So it seems that red and green rooms have no expiration date.  The two colors are, after all, opposite on the color wheel, making the duo nearly fool-proof.  If these rooms are any indication, when in doubt, add plenty of neutrals or even blue to temper a space that perhaps feels too much like the Kringle residence.

Happy holidays!

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