Fabrizio Rollo’s latest project is colorful, vibrant, and brave.  These traits are not out of character for the maximalist designer who also answers to the name “Lord Rollo”.  Still, his treatment of a celebrity hairstylist’s Sao Paulo apartment gave me an unexpected, delightful little jolt when I stumbled across it in a magazine recently.  In the days and weeks that followed, I found myself returning again and again to the dogeared page filled with blues oranges, art, and patterns.  Each time, I found something new to love.

Decorgasm: Fabrizio Rollo Decorates the Sao Paulo Apartment of a Celebrity Hairstylist

One of the first things that struck me about this room was its use of complimentary colors: blue and orange.  It’s a bold and often overlooked pairing–probably because it’s difficult to achieve a chic effect with these two colors…unless you’re Fabrizio Rollo!

The walls are a pale aqua and more intense shades of blue are peppered through out the space with royal blue dominating the carpet and striped turquoise covering a pair of stools.  The sofa is a clever shade of murky blue-green that melts into the mirrored wall without competing with its counterparts for attention.

Although used in smaller doses, orange plays an equally significant role in this interior.  The antique Louis XV-style chairs are the most prominent furnishings in the living room, boasting generous proportions and an air of grandeur.  Rollo saw fit to upholster them in luminous tangerine damask, creating an instant foil to the sea of blues.  This contrast was further enforced by the electric pop art on the right wall that introduces a florescent shade of orange.  Although it’s not the most prominent art in the room, that Warhol print packs a punch.

In addition to the art, this room contains a few other elements I tend to love.  Ikat prints are among them–both in the pillows and the curtains.  They mingle with beloved animal prints.  Murano glass is another weakness of mine that Lord Rollo has chosen to employ.  Finally: that coffee table…I’m a sucker for anything modern and sculptural in white.

Decorgasm: Marco Proenca's Sao Paulo Apartment, Decorated by Fabrizio Rollo // Motley Decor

This is the homeowner, Marcos Proença.  He tapped fellow Brazilian, Fabrizio Rollo for this project, requesting a design that was “flashy and beautiful, happy and glamorous”–a space that was “different in a good way”.  He wanted a home that was a mix of traditional and modern and that conveyed a sense of wealth without feeling stuffy.  I have to say: I admire his mantra.  Mission accomplished.

Decorgasm: Tour Fabrizio Rollo's Latest Project

This is another shot of Proença’s apartment with even more to love–more antique chairs, more Murano glass, more animal print.  Yum.

Tour the rest of this thrilling apartment at Elle Decor or visit Rollo’s website for more maximalist inspiration!