In honor of Valentine’s day this Sunday, let’s take a look at lip and kiss motifs in home decor.

Just for Valentine's Day: Kisses in Decor

Minnie gives Mickey a smooch in Chiara Ferragni’s living room.  Lip printed textiles from Kelly Wearstler complete the scene.

Just for Valentine's Day: Lips & Kisses in Decor

Wallpaper adorned with painterly lips makes a bold statement in this bathroom in the 2015 San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

Just for Valentine's Day: Lips & Kisses in Home Decor on Motley Decor

A marble lips sculpture punctuates this chic vignette in Elaina Sullivan’s studio apartment.

Lips & Kiss motifs in home decor via Motley Decor

This rosy pout of a sofa in Diane Von Furstenberg’s penthouse gives a whole new meaning to the term “love seat”.

Read my lips: kisses in home decor on Motley Decor

Apartment Therapy house tour inductee, Pomona Singh styled this corner of her Toronto home with a little cushion covered in kisses.

Lips & kisses in Decor for Valentine's Day | Motley Decor

In this living room photographed by Jonas Ingersedt, a golden pucker takes center stage.

Lips prints and kiss motifs in home decor | Valentine's Day | Motley Decor

Artist Donald Robertson adapted his “Lippy” work to this “Essentials Chair” for a pop up shop event last year.

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