More and more, I’m noticing patterned lampshades popping up in to-die-for interiors.  This is a tactic maximalists like Alex Papachristidis have exercised for years.  And now it seems as though more designers are hopping on the bandwagon, wrapping lampshades in beautiful textiles.  Patterned lampshades may very well have achieved “trend” status when this Jean-Louis Deniot project hit the Elle Decor servers a couple of months ago…

Jean-Louis Deniot designed Paris apartment with patterned lampshades

Here, Deniot placed a pair of mustard-colored, patterned lampshades in an aqua-hued room.  The contrast in colors focuses more attention on this bold lighting choice.

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Designer Sasha Bikoff also opted for twin lamps in this vignette, employing malachite lampshades that coordinate with the emerald drapes.

Trend: Patterned Lampshades

In this example, Raji Radhakrishnan‘s home office features a lampshade that resembles an abstract painting.  Is anyone else thinking that this might be a fun DIY project?

Trending: Patterned Lampshades | Leopard lampshades in a Laurel Canyon Home

Leopard-covered lampshades add a little edge to the feminine, all-white living room of late costume designer Theadora Van Runkle’s Laurel Canyon Home.

Trending: Patterned Lampshades | Alex Papachristidis

And, of course, Alex Papachristidis is no stranger to patterned lampshades, which are found in nearly every room of his home.  His magnificent cranberry and aubergine living room is no exception, where a matched pair of table lamps and a swing arm floor lamp all feature shades with prints.  In a room filled with bold textiles, why not cover your lampshades in pattern?