A few weeks ago, I discussed by admiration for Rebecca de Ravenel’s Domino Magazine featured apartment on this blog.  At the time, I could only share pictures of magazine’s hard copy, which perhaps did not do this fantastic space justice.  However, I’m pleased to report that, since then, Domino has published this story online.  Here are a couple of highlights…

Decorgasm: Rebecca de Ravenel's Ravishing Apartment

This is the dining area I raved about with skirted tables, wicker furniture, colored glassware, and bohemian touches.  You may also be interested in the beachy, bohemian shopping post inspired by Rebecca de Ravenel’s Los Angeles dining room.

Update (More Pictures) on Rebecca de Ravenel's Los Angeles Apartment featured in Domino Magazine

And here’s a corner of de Ravenel’s bedroom (also from Domino), where her blue and white color scheme still reigns supreme.  Alluring textiles, natural fibers, and that same serene feeling echo the vibe of the rest o her apartment.  Presumably, her gallery wall is composed of the same meaningful heirlooms that can be found through out de Ravenel’s home.

Of course, these are just 2 of the gorgeous photographs that Domino has posted.  Be sure to check out the rest of them.

Now for the really good news: Domino was not the only site to feature Rebecca de Ravenel’s apartment.  Mark D. Sikes covered it as well.  Translation: even MORE pictures to enjoy!  Again, here are a couple of Motley Decor’s favorites…

Rebecca de Ravenel's Los Angeles apartment as seen on Domino & Mark D. Sikes

Here, de Ravenel poses with her beloved, papier-mâché giraffe head.  In the fireplace below is another feature that I absolutely love: an artful display of different types of coral.  File that under great ideas.

Rebecca de Ravenel's Apartment | Jewelry Display | Motley Decor

Even the way de Ravenel displays her jewelry is interesting in chic.

Explore the rest of Mr. Sikes’ photos for even more inspiration from Rebecca de Ravenel’s unique, lovely, and wonderfully curated home.

Happy Monday!