Few designers embrace maximalism and exoticism with the zeal of Hutton Wilkinson.  His interiors are luxurious, over-the-top, and downright exciting to behold.  The coral, cobalt, and gold dining room of his Beverly Hills home is a stunning example of his aesthetic.

Hutton Wilkinson's coral dining room and chairs.

Hutton Wilkinson’s dining room featured in Harper’s Bazaar boasts a set of stunning coral dining chairs.

If you’re looking for inspiration to refinish or reupholster your own dining chairs, why not take a page out of Wilkinson’s book and go coral-on-coral?  No doubt about it: it’s a bold choice, but as they say “fortune favors the bold” and this approach to design has certainly worked for Hutton Wilkinson.

Coral is an alluring color that can’t be categorized as red, pink, or orange.  Rather, it lives at the borders of those colors, occupying a space on the color wheel that is uniquely “coral”.  I have a personal attachment to this hue, because it always reminds me of a trip to Venice, Italy.  In that port, derivatives of coral can be found everywhere: earthy terracotta buildings, delicately carved peach cameos, blood orange Aperol cocktails, platters of blushing crustaceans, and–of course–the fiery sunsets reflected in the waters.  But I digress…[sigh]…

Look for chairs with intricate carvings or scrollwork or that boast a lovely, sculptural shape.  A saturated shade like coral with enhance the silhouette.   Benjamin Moore offers a plethora of paint shades in the coral family.  Try: Picante (006), Fan Coral (013), or Bird of Paradise (1305).

For seat cushions and upholstery there are also plenty of options.  Some of my favorites follow.

coral fabric

Beacon Hill’s Silk Lantern Coral Fabric is a close match to Wilkinson’s chairs…

Fortuny Corone in bittersweet & gold

Or splurge on Fortuny’s Corone

Pamilla Coral

Pamilla is an inexpensive alternative appropriate for outdoor use…

If I’ve managed to convince you to channel your inner Hutton Wilkinson and DIY a set of coral dining chairs (or even tempted you enough to consider it), I’d love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment.