One of the perks of a beautifully decorated home is that it’s great for entertaining guests.  However, entertaining is an art form in itself.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Drinks are at the center of most social gatherings–certainly all of mine.  Libations lubricate conversations and promote gregariousness–both of which make for a successful party.   Further, the right wine, craft beer, or carefully composed cocktail can elevate the enjoyment of a meal.

Yes, food, is another biggie in entertaining.  Food is essential to life and–through history and in every culture–has brought people together.  Eating is the one life’s supreme joys.  Cooking can be just as enjoyable.  A diligent host always prepares a plentiful and decadent spread.  This section of the blog is devoted, in part, to recipes, cooking, and imbibing with flair.

Holidays & Theme Parties

Holidays are always a great excuse to throw a party.  With no holidays in sight on the calendar, there are plenty of season-agnostic theme parties to be thrown.  I’ve got a few ideas for both.

Hosting Overnight Guests

Finally, hosting overnight guests is an important part of entertaining.  Guest rooms tend to be those neglected corners of the house where junk accumulates and accomodations fall into disrepair.  However, that’s no place to stash a guest!  House guests should feel welcome, comfortable, well-fed, and rested.  On Motley Decor, you’ll find tips for a achieving all of these.