Sourcing furniture, home goods, building materials, light sources, accessories, and art is essential to home decorating and interior design.  And, therefore, we must shop!

Shopping Online

Fortunately, the eCommerce era has multiplied our shopping options, increased competition for better pricing, and, in many cases, even saved us time in driving around to brick and mortar retailers.  That’s one of the major advantages for furniture and home decor shoppers today.

Shopping for Vintage Goods

The other is the widespread acceptance of eclecticism and vintage goods.    Homeowners and decorators are seeking a greater range of styles and that usually means looking to the past for previously loved furnishings.  Lucky for us, vintage can often translate to savings.

So Many Options…So Little Time…

While we, as shoppers, have these things working in our favor, the exponentially increased number of options can also be overwhelming–or even paralyzing.  Previous generations of home decorators gravitated towards matching sets that have since gone out of favor with interior designers and today’s home decorators.  If you’re like me, you grew up in a home full of matching sets and have had to overcome that tendency.  The downside is the loss of “one stop shops”.  It now takes me months to curate the furniture for a single room, whereas my mom would go to a furniture store, decide on a singular style, and buy all her furnishing in that vein.

But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it.  Truth be told: I am an obsessive shopper.  That is not to say that I buy an exorbitant amount of items, but I am always on the hunt for a rare find or smokin’ deal.  In this section of Motley Decor, I put my shopping findings at your fingertips.  I hope it’s of some use.