Champagne is nearly synonymous with New Year’s Eve.  Midnight toasts always call for bubbles.  And, truly, there is no better occasion for beautiful glassware.  Flutes are the usual choice, but champagne coupes are surely making a comeback.  As a glassware addict, I believe that drinking from stylish vessels can both enhance the flavor of your sparkling wine and cast a favorable glow over the entire evening.  In light of that, following are the prettiest and most unique champagne glasses that you can still pick up between now and Saturday night…

Champagne Flutes & Coupes to Ring in the New Year in Style | Shopping | Motley Decor

Black flutes from ZGallerie will add drama to your drinks table or bar cart.  A set of 4 costs less than $26.

Coupes are extra glamorous covered with tiny gold dots.  You can pick these beauties up at Walmart for under $100 for a set of 4.

Riffing off of a popular mid century trend, these flutes have a chrome-and-ombre effect.  The set of 4 will cost you less than $50.

A classic is revived thanks to West Elm.  These champagne coupes sell for $48 for a set of 6.

Oleg Cassini designed these lead crystal glasses, available at Bed Bath and Beyond where a pair runs about $50.


A tempting splurge: these emerald green crystal coupes are about $200/pair at Macy’s.

Stemless wine glasses have had their moment and now it’s time for stemless champagne flutes.  These playful pink vessels are only $3 a piece at CB2.

If you love pink, but still prefer a stem, try these handblown flutes by Sagaform.  The pair is about $25.

And last but not least, check out these chunky smoke gray flutes.  Singles are available for $10 each.

Torn by all of the options?  I’m with you and a proponent of mixed stemware myself.  This is partly because I cannot commit to a single style with so many gorgeous options to choose from.  However, it also creates for more interesting tablescapes with glasses of various heights, shapes, and even colors.  A mix of barware also serves two more practical functions.  First, it allows each of my guests to drink from a unique glass that he or she can easily identify–a sort of tracking system for drinks.  And second, I come from a long line of clumsy women.  Inevitably, each of my lovely glasses will break.  When one does, I just sweep up the mess and move on.  I avoid the hassle of trying to keep my matched set whole.  I’ll just pick up some other pretty glass to replace the broken one.  So, mix it up if you are so inclined.

Happy shopping and the happiest of New Years!