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Decorgasm: A Celebrity Hairstylist’s Fabrizio Rollo Designed Apartment

Fabrizio Rollo’s latest project is colorful, vibrant, and brave.  These traits are not out of character for the maximalist designer who also answers to the name “Lord Rollo”.  Still, his treatment of a celebrity hairstylist’s Sao Paulo apartment gave me an unexpected, delightful little jolt when I stumbled across it in a magazine recently.  In the days and weeks that followed, I found myself returning again and again to the dogeared page filled with blues oranges, art, and patterns.  Each time, I found something new to love.

Decorgasm: Fabrizio Rollo Decorates the Sao Paulo Apartment of a Celebrity Hairstylist

One of the first things that struck me about this room was its use of complimentary colors: blue and orange.  It’s a bold and often overlooked pairing–probably because it’s difficult to achieve a chic effect with these two colors…unless you’re Fabrizio Rollo!

The walls are a pale aqua and more intense shades of blue are peppered through out the space with royal blue dominating the carpet and striped turquoise covering a pair of stools.  The sofa is a clever shade of murky blue-green that melts into the mirrored wall without competing with its counterparts for attention.

Although used in smaller doses, orange plays an equally significant role in this interior.  The antique Louis XV-style chairs are the most prominent furnishings in the living room, boasting generous proportions and an air of grandeur.  Rollo saw fit to upholster them in luminous tangerine damask, creating an instant foil to the sea of blues.  This contrast was further enforced by the electric pop art on the right wall that introduces a florescent shade of orange.  Although it’s not the most prominent art in the room, that Warhol print packs a punch.

In addition to the art, this room contains a few other elements I tend to love.  Ikat prints are among them–both in the pillows and the curtains.  They mingle with beloved animal prints.  Murano glass is another weakness of mine that Lord Rollo has chosen to employ.  Finally: that coffee table…I’m a sucker for anything modern and sculptural in white.

Decorgasm: Marco Proenca's Sao Paulo Apartment, Decorated by Fabrizio Rollo // Motley Decor

This is the homeowner, Marcos Proença.  He tapped fellow Brazilian, Fabrizio Rollo for this project, requesting a design that was “flashy and beautiful, happy and glamorous”–a space that was “different in a good way”.  He wanted a home that was a mix of traditional and modern and that conveyed a sense of wealth without feeling stuffy.  I have to say: I admire his mantra.  Mission accomplished.

Decorgasm: Tour Fabrizio Rollo's Latest Project

This is another shot of Proença’s apartment with even more to love–more antique chairs, more Murano glass, more animal print.  Yum.

Tour the rest of this thrilling apartment at Elle Decor or visit Rollo’s website for more maximalist inspiration!

Decorgasm: Scott Maddux’s Masterful Command of Color

When Scott Maddux was hired by a London couple to breathe new life into their newly acquired 6 bedroom home, the creative brief called for “exuberant color”.  Knowing this, one might expect the outcome to contain super saturated walls, jewel-toned upholstery, and neon accessories.  However, the actual result was much more subtle.  Even so, exuberance was not sacrificed.

The Living Room

Decorgasm: Scott Maddux's Masterful Command of Color

At this end of the living room, color starts brewing in the custom kilim rug of grapefruit pink, lime green, and oceanic turquoise.  Having established the color palette, the rug then informs the upholstery, sending color upward to the vibrantly patterned Otto Schultz chairs and dusty blue Ico Parisi sofa.  The abundance of pink in the room casts a rosy glow onto the faux parchment walls.  The drapes react similary, assuming a shade somewhere between beige and blush.  Thus, the room’s color becomes increasingly less intense as the eye travels upward–right up to the white ceiling and glass Vilhelm Lauritzen  chandelier.

This Is How To Use Color In Your Home | Decorgasm: Scott Maddux's Masterful Command of Color | Motley Decor

At the other end of the living room, Maddux employs a similar formula.  He anchors the space with the aforementioned rug’s twin and again includes colorful seating options.  What looks to be an Egyptian revival settee recalls the denim blue of the sofa from the previous picture.  And, once again, we see a lively patterned chair.

Still, this end encompasses some bolder strokes.  A two-sided, kidney-shaped sofa is dressed in lustrous key-lime green silk and tufted all over for extra light-reflecting opportunities.  In addition, two Peter Lanyon abstract paintings flank the fireplace, injecting the room with moodier hues like navy blue.  The blackened metal frame of the Marianna Kennedy mirror reinforces those darker shades.  Even the cast-terrazzo stools (from Maddux Creative) contain bits that echo the pinks and blues of the room.

In short, Scott Maddux has clearly lavished great care on the application of color.  The palette is restricted to three color families that dance around the room and create rhythm.  Bright hues are balanced by shadowy counterparts and easily influenced neutrals provide the stage on which all these hues perform.

The Dining Room

This is How to Decorate with Color! | Decorgasm: Scott Maddux's Masterful Command of Color | Motley Decor

The dining room’s color strategy turns that of the living on its head.  Here, color originates from above.  Inspired by the art of Ben Nicholson, color pervades the dining room in the form of floating rectangles, starting with the ceiling painted by artist Isabelle Day.  From there, the theme trickles downward in the colored glass panels of the sliding door that separates the dining room from the kitchen.  A pendant light by Johanna Grawunder consists of transparent, overlapping boxes that perfectly mimic the motif in three, increasingly intense colors.

Right angles dominate not only the color blocks, but also the furnishings.  Wall sculptures and a Paul Evans dining table repeat the rectangular shapes from above, but in stunning  neutrals of chrome, brass, and burl wood.  Scott Maddux uses these familiar silhouettes relate the neutral ground level of the room to its more colorful stratosphere.

The Entrance Hall

This is How to Decorate with Color! | Decorgasm: Scott Maddux's Masterful Command of Color | Motley Decor

The entry hall is home to some unexpected color combinations and nuanced details.  At first glance, the olive in the silk stair runner and cotton candy-colored fur of the bench surprise the eye.  However, the blue marble floor insets and similarly painted edges of the wall somehow reconcile the two opposing shades.  The green marble in the floor marries the runner to the artwork above the bench.  Gilded moldings, sconces, and the banister converse with the mustard touches in the runner.  Although the walls are white, color is carefully layered and peppered throughout the space in such a way that keeps the eye moving–uncovering those discreet details along the way.

What can I say?  Scott Maddux knows how to use color.  He doesn’t slap you in the face with it.  Rather, his command of the rainbow is marked by finesse.  Although this home is dominated by light neutrals, color is still the focus.  It is, perhaps, easier to appreciate in the presence of benign, non-competing hues.  Still, there’s enough diversity in the shades here to allow for chemical reactions between them.  Indeed, the request for “exuberant color” was executed with mastery.

These are just a few of the rooms pictured in Elle Decor’s coverage of this beautiful and eclectic home.  There are even a couple of rooms that are completely neutral (but no less impressive).  I encourage to check out the rest.

An Update on Rebecca de Ravenel’s Apartment

A few weeks ago, I discussed by admiration for Rebecca de Ravenel’s Domino Magazine featured apartment on this blog.  At the time, I could only share pictures of magazine’s hard copy, which perhaps did not do this fantastic space justice.  However, I’m pleased to report that, since then, Domino has published this story online.  Here are a couple of highlights…

Decorgasm: Rebecca de Ravenel's Ravishing Apartment

This is the dining area I raved about with skirted tables, wicker furniture, colored glassware, and bohemian touches.  You may also be interested in the beachy, bohemian shopping post inspired by Rebecca de Ravenel’s Los Angeles dining room.

Update (More Pictures) on Rebecca de Ravenel's Los Angeles Apartment featured in Domino Magazine

And here’s a corner of de Ravenel’s bedroom (also from Domino), where her blue and white color scheme still reigns supreme.  Alluring textiles, natural fibers, and that same serene feeling echo the vibe of the rest o her apartment.  Presumably, her gallery wall is composed of the same meaningful heirlooms that can be found through out de Ravenel’s home.

Of course, these are just 2 of the gorgeous photographs that Domino has posted.  Be sure to check out the rest of them.

Now for the really good news: Domino was not the only site to feature Rebecca de Ravenel’s apartment.  Mark D. Sikes covered it as well.  Translation: even MORE pictures to enjoy!  Again, here are a couple of Motley Decor’s favorites…

Rebecca de Ravenel's Los Angeles apartment as seen on Domino & Mark D. Sikes

Here, de Ravenel poses with her beloved, papier-mâché giraffe head.  In the fireplace below is another feature that I absolutely love: an artful display of different types of coral.  File that under great ideas.

Rebecca de Ravenel's Apartment | Jewelry Display | Motley Decor

Even the way de Ravenel displays her jewelry is interesting in chic.

Explore the rest of Mr. Sikes’ photos for even more inspiration from Rebecca de Ravenel’s unique, lovely, and wonderfully curated home.

Happy Monday!

Decorgasm: Rebecca de Ravenel’s Apartment

As I excitedly thumbed through the new issue of Domino, I came across Rebecca de Ravenel’s Los Angeles apartment. The serene, tropical vibe of her home caught my eye, but it was the layers of patterns, spectrum of blue shades, and unique finds  that really drew me in.  I was smitten.

Rebecca de Ravenel's Los Angeles apartment

As you can see in the picture above (found via de Ravenel’s Instagram account), her living room is a soothing riot of stripes, shibori, chevrons, and medallion prints.  The walls are coated in a pale shade of aquamarine, marrying with other blues from indigo to slate.  Still, the unique pieces that de Ravenel has collected are what make her home so incredible.  For instance, her fireplace is filled with different types of coral and reinforce the tropical feel of her apartment and make for a stunning, sculptural focal point.  She also mounted a papier-mâché giraffe head on her wall that sometimes sports a straw fedora.

Needlepoint leopard ottoman in Rebecca de Ravenel's home

On page 139 of the Domino 2016 Spring issue, is a closeup of her vintage needlepoint leopard ottoman by Gio Ponti.  Serving a s coffee table, chic trays and ceramics are layered on top.

de Ravenel's breakfast nook via Domino

However, my favorite photograph was of her breakfast nook, shown above.  I absolutely adore how she displayed her collection of glass evil eyes on a rattan folding screen.  (In fact, I have big plans for borrowing with idea–perhaps with a collection of sacred hearts…)  In addition, I’m a huge fan of the canvas palms  that she has scattered around her apartment–two of which flank the evil eye display.  (I’m seriously considering picking up one or two of these as well…)  In fact, everything in this space falls into the category of ‘my favorite things’: skirted tables, comfy-looking wicker chairs, colored glassware, an overdyed rug, and hanging lantern.  It’s perfection.  (See my next post for shopping finds inspired by this room.)

I highly encourage you to subscribe to Domino and get your hands on  this issue–not only to see the rest of Rebecca de Ravenel’s apartment, but all of the lovely homes they so lovingly featured.

As a side note, I thought it was interesting to see how so many of the pieces from de Ravenel’s New York apartment were transported, rethought, and replanted in her new, West Coast dwelling.  Sometimes, when we move, the temptation to liquidate the old and buy new is strong.  It’s less to pack and then unpack.  Right?  However, I have to applaud de Ravenel for sticking to her aesthetic–city and architecture be damned!  Her home imparts the sense that her furnishings are not just possessions, but intimate artifacts from her life.  To me, that’s the ultimate goal and what makes a home truly extraordinary.


Decorgasm: Gloria Windsor’s Office on Mozart in the Jungle

Gloria Windsor’s office on Mozart in the Jungle is absolutely stunning!  (The show is pretty great too.)  Of course, this should come as no surprise, because Gloria herself (portrayed by Bernadette Peters) is beautiful, stylish, and imposing.  So, it’s little wonder that her offices follow suit.  Creamy eggnog, vibrant emerald, and fiery citrine compose the palette.  A pair of kidney shaped sofas pull double duty in the seating and sculpture departments.  Large scale art, mineral specimens, exotic textiles, and a dash of chinoiserie add pizzazz.  Even so, the room is greater than the sum of its parts.  See for yourself…

Gloria Windsor's Office on Mozart in the Jungle | Decorgasm | Motley Decor

In a space this exquisite, there is design wisdom to be gleaned.  Here are 3 decorating lessons we can take away from Gloria Windsor’s office…

Decorate with Colors that Make You Look Good

Lessons learned from Gloria Windsor's office on Mozart in the Jungle | How to Select Colors

Gloria Windsor contemplates drape options, asking which fabric better suits her complexion.  When someone replies that this particular textile makes her hair look like “spun gold”, she’s instantly sold!

Give Fabulous Pieces Room to Breathe

Decorgasm: Gloria Windsor's Office on Mozart in the Jungle + 3 Decorating Lessons to Learn from Gloria | Motley Decor

While few would call this a minimalist space, it’s not overwhelming.  Rather, each wall holds one, prominent piece of art.  Surfaces are accessorized, but not cluttered.  Solids dominate, punctuated with striking patterns.  With so many gorgeous pieces in Gloria Windsor’s office, each needs a little space to be fully appreciated.

Balance Bold Choices with Symmetry

Lessons learned from Gloria Windsor's office | Mozart in the Jungle | Decorgasm

The human eye is programmed to appreciate symmetry.  As home decorators, we can exploit this condition and use it to smuggle more daring decor choices past the first glance.  I mean, how else do you get barrel chairs upholstered in bright orange chevrons and an Asian folding screen into the same room?  Symmetry.  In Gloria Windsor’s office, most of the key pieces have a twin: the kidney shaped sofas, those funky barrel chairs, the towering porcelain lamps, and the gold sconces that flank the two similarly proportioned paintings.

I don’t know about you, but I was so moved by space, that I spent some time this weekend scouring the internet for some emerald green ceramics.  The hunt, sadly, continues.  Here are some of my favorite finds in emerald & citrine.

What do you think of Gloria Windsor’s office?



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