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How to Furnish a Serene, Beachy, Boho Room

Inspired by Rebecca de Ravenel’s gorgeous home, I couldn’t resist riffing off of her soothing, tropical-feeling, bohemian oasis of a dining room…

How to Furnish a Serene Beachy Boho Room

An overdyed, cobalt blue rug lays the foundation and is a close match to the one de Ravenel selected.  For the tablecloth, I veered off path a little–selecting a more colorful and bold print–but it touches the floor like de Ravenel’s, lending the space a luxurious, laid back feel.  With no collection to display (because those are amassed over time), I used a pair of wicker folding screens to frame the room, shifting the focus to the turquoise lantern, which hangs a little lower.  Working in tandem with the folding screens are twin  canvas banana trees in lieu of palms.  And here I deviate a little again.  Instead of adding another skirted table instance, I used ombre, bamboo floor vases.  Similarly, I found blue and white bistro chairs rather than bringing in more wicker.  On the table are spongeware from Tori Burch and aqua goblets.

And now I’ve worked up an appetite.  Until next time…

3 Chic & Easy Ways to Style Your Dining Table

Styling your dining room table for every day lends your home an extra bit of polish.  Here are 3 of the easiest ways to get the job done.

3-Pronged Approach

Choose three decorative objects at graduated heights: one tall, one medium, and one short.  Cluster the three objects either in the center of your table or off to the side.  For instance, try a tall vase with a pair of candlesticks and a low-slung bowl.  Here are some examples…

Veere Grenney Dining Room

In a Veere Grenney-designed dining room featured in Architectural Digest, three empty vessels adorn the tabletop.

styled dining table

This whimsical dining room (via AD France) displays a trio of objects of varying heights on a round dining table.

How to style your dining table

A pair of very different vases and a stack of books complete the scene in this chic dining room from Architectural Digest.

Island of Misfits

Another chic and easy option is to round up a diverse collection of a particular object (like candlesticks or bud vases) and group them together on your dining table.  Let the shape of your table influence the form that the collection takes.  For round and square tables, keep the grouping  within a certain radius.  However, if your table is rectangular or oval, allow the objects to follow a more elongated path.  Again, here are some examples to inspire you…

How to style your dining table

Cinda Boomershine gathered a collection of milk glass bud vases, each holding a single bloom to decorate the tabletop in her colorful dining room.  Found on Apartment Therapy.

Candlestick collection

A collection of silver candlesticks, inherited from the homeowner’s grandmother make a stunning focal point on this dining table pictured in Elle Decor.

styled dining table

Roughly tumbled decorative fragments are a surprising but attractive choice for gracing the table of this otherwise feminine-feeling dining room.

One & Done

And, of course, the easiest way to style your dining table is to make a singular statement.  Try placing one, generously sized piece on your tabletop (slightly off-center) and let it do the talking.  Draw inspiration from these fantastic dining rooms…

3 Easy Ways to Style Your Dining Room Table

Kelly Wearstler only needed to place a marble urn on the table in the dining room she designed for Cameron Diaz, Elle Decor.

Dining room styling

A tall, slender, red vase holds its own in this gorgeous Italian dining room photographed by Elle Decor.

Dining room with sculpture

In this impeccably decorated dining room by Brendan Wong, a metallic abstract sculpture sits at the center of the table, creating an interesting centerpiece that doesn’t distract too much from the room’s other fabulous features.

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