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Stools Too Cool for School

Inspired by the mismatched stool trend?  Here are 10 unique stools to consider mixing an matching in your home…

10 Stools Too Cool for School

The Canaan accent table from Jonathan Adler combines marble and brass in a shapely silhouette.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Found on gilt.com, this teak stool from Uma features a crackled resin inlay.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

This 3-legged stool from Zgallerie is molded to resemble animal legs and hooves.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Pier1’s Arabella garden stool is ceramic with an exotic, pierced motif and metallic gold glaze.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Slightly taller than your average stool, this copper beauty has rustic appeal with a colorful patina and hammered texture.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Faux bois meets neon pink in the form of papier mache to create this stump.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Two-toned and masculine, CB2’s Silo side tables come in two shapes.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

You can’t get much more luxe or cool than Kelly Wearslter’s Bejeweled Stool.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

This wood stool is weathered and architectural in nature.

10 Stools Too Cool for School

Cork is an unexpected but fantastic choice for this chunky geometric side table from West Elm.

Trending: Mismatched Stools

Lately, I’ve been noticing a trend: mismatched stools.  Grouped together in pairs or clusters, a variety of different stools can be quite striking.  As an added bonus, they are incredibly versatile.  Stools can be used as drinks tables or even extra seating.  In other words, they’re perfect for entertaining.  Here are 5 rooms with mismatched stools that shine.

Trending: Mismatched Stools

The cocktail tables in Lauren Santo Domingo’s living room are surrounded by an eclectic selection of stools–including one irresistibly quirky, hot pink, faux bois number.

Trending: Mismatched Stools

This super chic office offers a trio of stools–each different in style and material–for visiting collaborators to pop a squat on.

Trending: Mismatched Stools

Tucked beneath an hallway’s console table are two disparate stools, piled with accessories.  This stylish scene is the work of Joslyn Taylor.

Trending: Mismatched Stools

A pair of nesting tables mingle with metal and wood stools on a plush carpet in Domino’s Instagram, making for a richly textured vignette.

Trending: Mismatched Stools

The line between seat and table is blurred when the two assume the height in Pamela Makin’s living room.

If you are as into this trend as I am, check out these stools to start curating your own collection.

An Exercise in Tolerance: 5 Design Choices I Had to Learn to Like

Every now and then, I get it into my head that I don’t like something–some element commonly found in interior design.  It’s a mild, dispassionate dislike, but a prejudice just the same.  So, when that list of “things I don’t like” gets too long, I challenge myself to change my own mind.  Thus, in the spirit of tolerance, here are some design choices that I used to dislike and have recently learned appreciate…

Parsons Tables

I know that they are classics in design, but they are exceedingly minimalist for my taste.  Why would I buy something so plain when I could buy something…exciting?  I’m generally drawn to tables with pedestal bases and sculptural qualities.  But then…I came across this image…

This blue Parsons table energizes this otherwise neutral, traditional-leaning dining room.  It’s bright coat of paint and severe right angles are the perfect foil to the curvy, carved Portuguese dining chairs.  Clearly, I was wrong about Parsons style tables.


Damask patterns are ubiquitous in “old world” interiors.  However, in contemporary interiors, they often seem contrived and out of place to my eye.  I often cringe when I see them in modern settings.  But again, I was able to prove myself wrong…

Admittedly, I have a hard time articulating why I love this dining room so much, but I do.  I love the chunky crystal pieces and ruby red chairs.  I also can’t help but admire the subtle ombre effect and moody hues of the–well what do you know?–damask wallpaper.  Wrong again!


Perhaps I’m extra judgmental when it comes to patterns, because plaid is another print that often turns me off.  It feels very specific to me–very reminiscent of either Christmas or Rob Roy or lumberjacks.

But this room recalls none  of those things.  It feels fresh, chic, and just quirky enough to be interesting.  The plaid backdrop is actually quite lovely.  I’ve changed my attitude towards plaid so drastically, in fact, that I started a Pinterest board around the theme called Clash of the Tartans.  (I love a good pun!)

The Color Pink

I know that, in 2016 (the year that Pantone hailed rose quartz as one of the colors of the year), it’s ridiculous to still dislike pink, but I’ve avoided it since the ’90s.  I’m not sure why.  So, you can imagine my disbelief when I found myself swept up in the blush craze.

An Exercise in Tolerance | 5 Design Choices I Had to Learn to Like | Pink

via Lonny

Could these ballet-slipper-pink chinoiserie panels and stools be any prettier?  But it’s not just the barely-pink blush I’ve been admiring…

I’m completely smitten with this super-saturated, hot pink foyer as well.  Again, this new-found love inspired another Pinterest board.

Upholstered Ottomans Used as Coffee Tables

If you ask me: contrast is key.  And, since coffee table are usually placed in front of upholstered sofas, doesn’t it make more sense to have a table with a distinct textural contrast?  Metal, glass, lucite, and wood are far more common (likely because they are better) alternatives.  But not always…not always…

How cool is the zebra ottoman?  It’s like an elevated rug.  With its unique shape and striking pattern, it makes a fantastic focal point, upon which, books and bowls are right at home.  You probably saw this one coming, but I also now have an Upholstered Ottomans board on Pinterest.

Maybe you should just follow me on Pinterest?  I promise to always keep an open mind and heart, pinning beautiful images in spite of any preconceived notions I may have errantly picked up along the way.  I leave you with that thought for the day.  Make it a great one!


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