Movie night is as good an excuse as any to throw a party.  Here are 4 movies that are perfect for a Girls Night and are worth the effort.


How to Make an American Quilt (1995)

Starring:  Winona Ryder, Maya Angelou & Dermot Mulroney

Synopsis:  A quilting bee gathers to make a wedding quilt for Winona Ryder’s character.   They all share the stories of the great loves of their lives and give the somewhat reluctant bride a lot to think about.

Perks:  Celebrates the unique bond that women share, fantastic cast, hunky men

What to Serve:  This is a heartfelt story, set in California’s wine country.  Wine and cheese are definitely appropriate.


Bridesmaids (2011)

Starring:  Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph & Rose Byrne

Synopsis:  Kristen Wiig freaks out when her best friend, Maya Rudolph gets engaged and cozies up to Rose Byrne.  A hot mess of hilarity ensues.

Perks:  About a dozen of the funniest women on TV are in this movie, nostalgic soundtrack, cute puppies

What to Serve: This is a wedding movie.  Serve cake and champagne!


Mermaids (1990)

Starring:  Winona Ryder, Cher & Christina Ricci

Synopsis:  Never were a mother and daughter more different than Cher and Winona Ryder.  Their differences come to a head when they move to small New England town in 1963.

Perks:  The 3 female leads have fantastic chemistry, you will definitely feel less awkward about your teenage years, a great depiction of the ’60s

What to Serve: Channel Cher’s character in this film and offer “fun finger foods”–exclusively!  It’s the ’60s, so a cheeseball with crackers and punch are fitting.


The Sweetest Thing (2002)

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate & Selma Blair

Synopsis:  Fun-loving gal pals embark on a road trip to crash a wedding after meeting one of the groomsmen in a club.

Perks:  Plenty of dirty jokes & raunchy humor, you’ll be glad you kept your club clothes from the early 2000’s,  even Cameron Diaz wears granny panties & zit cream at night

What to Serve:  Take your cue from the Chinese restaurant scene and order Chinese take out.  Pair it with an Asian-themed cocktail like a Red Lotus (vodka, lychee liquor and cranberry juice).