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Lip Service: Kisses in Decor

In honor of Valentine’s day this Sunday, let’s take a look at lip and kiss motifs in home decor.

Just for Valentine's Day: Kisses in Decor

Minnie gives Mickey a smooch in Chiara Ferragni’s living room.  Lip printed textiles from Kelly Wearstler complete the scene.

Just for Valentine's Day: Lips & Kisses in Decor

Wallpaper adorned with painterly lips makes a bold statement in this bathroom in the 2015 San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

Just for Valentine's Day: Lips & Kisses in Home Decor on Motley Decor

A marble lips sculpture punctuates this chic vignette in Elaina Sullivan’s studio apartment.

Lips & Kiss motifs in home decor via Motley Decor

This rosy pout of a sofa in Diane Von Furstenberg’s penthouse gives a whole new meaning to the term “love seat”.

Read my lips: kisses in home decor on Motley Decor

Apartment Therapy house tour inductee, Pomona Singh styled this corner of her Toronto home with a little cushion covered in kisses.

Lips & kisses in Decor for Valentine's Day | Motley Decor

In this living room photographed by Jonas Ingersedt, a golden pucker takes center stage.

Lips prints and kiss motifs in home decor | Valentine's Day | Motley Decor

Artist Donald Robertson adapted his “Lippy” work to this “Essentials Chair” for a pop up shop event last year.

Into this look?  Shop for some lip and kiss accessories on Motley Decor.


Shopping for Kisses

Feeling romantic this Valentine’s Day?  Show your home some love with these kiss-themed accessories…

Kiss Accessories from Kelly Wearstler | Motley Decor

Kelly Wearstler–God bless her–offers a variety of kiss-inspired accessories.  Above is a sampling, but see them all here.

Lips loveseat & other kiss inspired decor for Valentine's Day | Motley Decor

Snuggle up and pucker up with your other half on this loveseat.

Kisses custom fabric & other Valentine's Day Decor on Motley Decor

From cloth napkins to upholstery, the possibilities are endless with this custom kisses fabric from Spoonflower.  Available in a variety of colorways.

Shopping for kisses in decor on Motley Decor | Valentine's Day

This pop art canvas print (found on MyHabit) is edgy, sexy, and may just complete your gallery wall.

Kisses from the home | Lip-themed decor | Valentine's Day | Motley Decor

Roxanne, you don’t have to turn on the red light.  These neon lips are pink.

Lips & kisses for your home this Valentine's Day on Motley Decor

Or own a Donald Robertson original.

Need more inspiration?  Check out these rooms with kiss-themed decor.  Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!


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