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3 Small Changes That Make Any Room Feel More Chic

Sometimes, small changes can make a big impact and go a long way towards making a room look and feel more chic.  Take the room above for example.  It contains three elements that elevate almost any space.  Can you guess what they are?  Let’s take them one at at time…

Black Lampshades

It’s funny that a change so small and so subtle can influence the atmosphere of an interior so much, but it does.  Many designers swear by the adage that every room needs something black.  Lampshades make an excellent candidate.  Look at what they did for these rooms…

3 Small Changes that Make Any Room Feel More Chic | Black Lampshades | MotleyDecor.com

Elettra Wiedemann’s apartment is both daring and chic.  The carved peacock chair and furry sheep add a touch of whimsy; while the pair of towering brass lamps in the background maintain a sophisticated air with their black lampshades.

3 Small Changes that Make Any Room Feel More Chic | Motley Decor

This Spanish flat is a sea of white, accented by pops of color and eclectic finds.  Yet again, a pair of brass and black lamps lend a refined note to an unconventional space.  (This room actually features 2 of the 3 elements discussed in this blog.)

3 Small Changes for a More Chic-Feeling Room via MotleyDecor.com

In a more traditional setting, like this dining room by Miles Redd, black lampshades rear their heads once again–this time bringing balance and unity to the space.

Animal Print

Although animal prints are sometimes dismissed as tacky, the right animal print in the right dosage can work wonders in a room.  Cases in point…

3 Small Changes that Make Any Room Feel More Chic

Charles Spada’s French Chateau is a restful, beautifully curated space.  The in-your-face leopard sofa is a surprising choice that energizes the sitting room and takes it from feeling predictable to feeling impossibly chic.  It lets you know that you’re in the realm of a confident decorator.

3 Small Changes that Make Any Room Feel More Chic

This little vignette gets a boost thanks to the python print frame around the mirror that adds loads of interest with its subtle pattern.

3 Small Changes That Make Any Room Feel More Chic

And if you still weren’t convinced of the merits of animal print, this ought to seal the deal.  It’s Ryan Korban’s dining room with a zebra rug.  Korban often uses animal prints in his monochrome interiors, which are always envy-inducingly chic.

3 Small Changes That Make Any Room Feel More Chic via MotleyDecor.com

Finally, how cool does this tiger pillow look in this traditional-leaning bedroom?  It gives the room a delightful little jolt.

Abstract Art

Whether suspended from the ceiling, resting on a table, or hung prominently on the wall; abstract art always seems to harness a tremendous amount of power and impart soul to a space.  The result is almost always extra points in the chic department.  Take a look…

3 Small Changes for a More Chic Space

“It adds impact and a fun element,” says Christiane Lemieux to Family Circle of the abstract mobile that hovers above her dining table.  I think she’s being modest.  It makes the space feel uber cool.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Chic

Andrew Gn’s second home in Paris features an abstract sculpture by Merete Rasmussen that–again–is an unexpected choice that surprises and delights.

3 Small Changes to Make Your Home Feel More Chic

And lastly, a painting by Cecily Brown (perhaps one of the most expressive abstract painters and a favorite of yours truly) enlivens this Miami dining room that can only be described as chic.

The moral of the story is that small changes can truly impact the chic factor of your home.  Try switching out a tired lampshade for a sophisticated black one.  Toss a little animal print into the mix.  Or, grace your space with some abstract art.  Any 1–or all 3–of these options might give you a whole new appreciation for your home.  Happy decorating and experimenting!

Trending: Patterned Lampshades

More and more, I’m noticing patterned lampshades popping up in to-die-for interiors.  This is a tactic maximalists like Alex Papachristidis have exercised for years.  And now it seems as though more designers are hopping on the bandwagon, wrapping lampshades in beautiful textiles.  Patterned lampshades may very well have achieved “trend” status when this Jean-Louis Deniot project hit the Elle Decor servers a couple of months ago…

Jean-Louis Deniot designed Paris apartment with patterned lampshades

Here, Deniot placed a pair of mustard-colored, patterned lampshades in an aqua-hued room.  The contrast in colors focuses more attention on this bold lighting choice.

Trending: patterned lampshades | malachite patterned lampshades | designer Sasha Bikoff

Designer Sasha Bikoff also opted for twin lamps in this vignette, employing malachite lampshades that coordinate with the emerald drapes.

Trend: Patterned Lampshades

In this example, Raji Radhakrishnan‘s home office features a lampshade that resembles an abstract painting.  Is anyone else thinking that this might be a fun DIY project?

Trending: Patterned Lampshades | Leopard lampshades in a Laurel Canyon Home

Leopard-covered lampshades add a little edge to the feminine, all-white living room of late costume designer Theadora Van Runkle’s Laurel Canyon Home.

Trending: Patterned Lampshades | Alex Papachristidis

And, of course, Alex Papachristidis is no stranger to patterned lampshades, which are found in nearly every room of his home.  His magnificent cranberry and aubergine living room is no exception, where a matched pair of table lamps and a swing arm floor lamp all feature shades with prints.  In a room filled with bold textiles, why not cover your lampshades in pattern?

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