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4 Easy & Striking Ways to Use Benjamin Moore’s Caliente at Home

Are we ready for red?  Benjamin Moore seems to think so, naming Caliente–a warm, welcoming crimson its 2018 Color of the Year.  While I have my own suspicions about which colors will trend this year, I can’t deny that vibrant vermillion affords some exciting decorating opportunities.  Of course, this in age of white walls and monochrome mania, embracing such a bold shade can be a little daunting.  So, here are four easy and striking ways (with little to no commitment) to incorporate Caliente red into your home.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Although carefully edited with few frills, this room receives the royal treatment thanks to a ruby rug.


Water-toned walls tinge this living room in handsome contrast to the Caliente-colored carpet and regal, velvet-clad chaise.


With walls that resemble ermine, no other color would suffice underfoot.


In this traditional-leaning living room, a white chesterfield crowns a scarlet carpet.


A blood-red textile anoints the floor of Steve Aoki’s bedroom.


Turn on the Red Light

Roxanne, you don’t have to settle for predictable lampshades.


4 Ways to Decorate with Caliente | Turn on the Red Light | 2018 Color of the Year

Come hither says this red lantern.


A crimson pendant beckons in this powder room.


Garnet silk brings balance to a masculine loft.


When viewed from the right vantage point, this seemingly austere dome light reveals a passionate burst of color.


Paint the Roses Red

Painting the Roses Red | 4 Easy, Impactful Ways to Use Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color of the Year | MotleyDecor.com

Miles Redd for Schumacher

Taking a cue from the Queen of Hearts, red roses adorn this charming vignette.


Here, an enormous looking glass reflects towering, flowering branches–creating a sense of scale worthy of Wonderland.


Painting the Roses Red | 4 Easy, Impactful Ways to Use Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color of the Year | MotleyDecor.com

Oscar de la Renta

Black thumb?  Paint branches instead.  The result resembles coral.


Rosy blooms pop even in a room the shade of a spade.


Flaming botanicals send a very clear message in this space: checkmate.


Draw the Drapes in Red

Caliente curtains add a stroke of color this serene, silvery space.


In this exuberant bedroom, Miles Redd does justice to the primary color that is his namesake.


Cardinal window treatments usher the sunlight into this artful, Italian apartment.


4 Easy Ways to Use Caliente, Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color of the Year

A painterly palette juxtaposes vermillion and azure.


Flowing raspberry drapes sketch an idyllic backdrop for eclectic furnishings.

If you’re craving Moore Caliente in your life, check out these additional ways to decorate with red.

3 Ways to Decorate with Red

Red is a color often associated with love, passion, and intensity.  As such, it can be an overwhelming–or even intimidating–shade to decorate with.  But fear not!  Following are 3 tried-and-true strategies for decorating with red…

Make a Singular Statement

Decorating with red doesn’t have to be a full-blown commitment.  Sometimes, a single scarlet piece or coat of red paint will deliver the intended effect.

Decorating with Red | Motley Decor

A shiny, candy apple red staircase is all that is needed to make a statement in this home.

This traditional home benefits from modern touches–like these accents chairs: two cherries on top of the ice cream sundae that is this room.

Even amongst other vibrant hues, a cardinal skirted table imparts a cheery, impactful effect in this colorful Connecticut home.

This hallway is punctuated by red fretwork panels, providing the space’s only pop of color and stealing all of the attention.

Group Red Accents

Red pieces also tend to look good en masse.  A grouping of red furnishings or accessories will satisfy a more intense appetite for vermillion.

How to Decorate with Red | Group Red Accents | MotleyDecor.com

This entry by Christian Lyon features a red vignette, in which, layers of the shade–clustered tightly together–are visually greater than the sum of their parts.

Modern art, python skin, and watercolor blooms are unlikely companions, combined with enviable confidence in this space and united by a common rosy hue.

Ruby reigns supreme in this Dallas jewelry designer’s dining room.  From the curtains, to the seat cushions, to the various vessels; splashes of red keep the eye moving around the room.

Fabrizio Rollo is no stranger to color and here he takes on lipstick red.  While this is not a red room per se, red is certainly the dominant color.  The complex mix of neutrals and foils to the shade  make it all the more enjoyable.

Sheath the Walls and Bring in Neutrals

Unlike other hues, red can act as the main event and the backdrop, as evidenced by the rooms that follow.  What else do they have in common?  Restraint.  Red walls are the only instance of color in these spaces.  The furniture, art, and accessories are largely neutral.  This keeps the color focus on the rainbow’s top shade and simultaneously highlights the textures, patterns, lusters, and sculptural qualities of the rooms’ furnishings.

3 Ways to Decorate with Red | 3 of 3 | Sheath the Walls

This fire engine red foyer by Nick Olsen makes a stunning first impression, especially when paired with chic black and white.

Here, poppy-tinged walls beautifully offset an antique console table stocked with treasures.

And lastly, red lacquer walls are one of the few treatments that can withstand the drama of this room: an intricately carved mantel, cast peacock chairs, leopard upholstery, gold cocktail tables–these furnishings call for an equally intense envelopment.  Rather than competing on pattern, shape or shine; it’s a dose of crimson that answers that call.

Ready to start decorating with red?  Either way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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