I’m a sucker for any ginger-flavored cocktail.  So, naturally, a Moscow Mule is high on my list of favorites.  The problem is: I almost never have vodka in the house.  (I know…I know…)  True to my roots, however (I’m half Puerto Rican), what I do keep stocked is rum!  This inventory issue, coupled with my love of ginger (and my cute new copper mugs with brass knuckles for handles), resulted in a happy accident–or twist, rather–on the classic cocktail.  I call it the Manatí  Mule.  Here’s how you make it…

Spiced rum (instead of vodka)
Ginger beer
Fresh Basil (instead of mint)

Fill a copper mug halfway with ice and add 2 ounces (instead of 1) of spiced rum.  Fill with ginger beer and add a squeeze of lime.  Garnish with another lime wedge and a sprig of fresh basil.  Enjoy!

On a side note, my other half is Mexican, which means that I also maintain an ample of supply of tequila.  So keep an eye out for a Mazatlan Mule recipe in a future post.  Cheers!