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Serenity Blue Decor

When Pantone announced that 2016 would have two official colors, there was no directive that the two had to be used in concert.  So, if you’re more of a “blue person” than a “pink person”, consider these items for your serenity blue decor…

Serenity blue decor | Motley Decor | Dining Chair

This dining chair from Pier1 has a mid century vibe and beautiful (serenity) blue linen upholstery.  It’s clean lines would compliment a motley of styles.

Handmade mug & saucer | Serenity Blue Decor on Motley Decor

Slathered in a serenity blue drip glaze, this mug and saucer by Seva Art is handmade and just beautiful.  It’s ok to leave out dirty dishes when they’re this pretty.

Coral sculpture | Motley Decor | Shopping: Serenity Blue Decor

Leave it to Williams Sonoma to create a coral sculpture this life-like–and in serenity blue nonetheless!

Metallic blue wallpaper & more serenity blue decor on Motley Decor

Reminiscent of tea paper or foxed mirrors, this wallpaper boasts a metallic sheen with a tinge of blue.  It would look incredible in a dining room or on any ceiling.

Ombre curtains | Serenity Blue Decor on Motley Decor

I don’t know about you, but I am far from over the ombre trend–especially when it comes to dip dyed curtains.  Hanging a pair like this close to the ceiling and letting them pool on the floor a little would add height and drama to a room–not to mention a pop of serenity.

Dried globe thistles | Serenity Blue Decor Ideas | Motley Decor

Globe thistles naturally bloom in a vibrant blue-violet shade.  Dried, the color softens to a pale blue with just a hint of lavender.  So, not only is the color perfect for serenity blue decor, but these botanical beauties don’t need water and will last for years.

Leather bound vintage books | Ideas for incorporating serenity blue on Motley Decor

Weathered leather takes on a certain charm in dusty blues.  This collection of vintage books–in serenity blue–provides another means for adding serene shades of blue to a room.


Motley Decor Kinda Sorta Predicted Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year

A couple of weeks ago, I posted 7 Surprisingly Chic Paint Colors, in which, I listed my top picks for wall and paint colors that might not instantly jump to mind, but often turn out looking fabulous.  At the top of my list, in spots 1 and 2 were Blush and Periwinkle, respectively.  So, you can imagine my excitement when color powerhouse and paint authority Pantone announced that their 2016 Color of the Year–or more accurately their colors of the year–are Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Let’s be honest: the only difference between Rose Quartz and Blush is a pinch of beige in the latter.  Otherwise, they are both soothing, pastel shades of pink.

And Serenity is simply a shade or two lighter than Periwinkle.  Both are blue hues, bordering on violet.

So, if kinda sorta forecasting Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year–or colors of the year–doesn’t lend Motley Decor some serious street cred, then I don’t know what…

Of course, it hadn’t occurred to me to use these two colors in concert as Pantone is clearly suggesting.  This seems like a slippery slope that could result in your “grown up” room looking like a co-ed nursery.  However, here are some tips for avoiding that…

1.  Double Down on One or the Other

2016 Color of the Year Palette Idea 1

The idea here is give priority to one of the colors and then add layers of similar shades.    In this example, Serenity combines with Indigo, Navy, and Turquoise, forming a blue majority.  Complimentary colors Cranberry and Rose Quartz serve as accents.

2.  Choose a Neutral Base

2016 Color of the Year Palette Idea 2

Sometimes establishing a neutral base, allows accent colors to be seen more clearly.  In a sea of neutrals, the eye is drawn to color and that color is untainted by competing hues.  Here, Ivory, Camel, Chocolate, and White are used generously, shifting attention to the minority shades of Rose Quartz and Serenity.  A pinch of Olive (arguably a neutral) makes a small cameo as well.

3.  Embrace Adjacent Hues

Color of the Year Palette Ideas, 3 of 3

The distance between Rose Quartz and Serenity on the color wheel is purple territory.  So, naturally, shades of violet marry well with this color combo.  Above, Thistle, Aubergine, and Grape mingle with Color of the Year 1 and Color of the Year 2 effortlessly.  To add interest, Aqua and Lake are thrown in, representing the hues adjacent to Serenity on the other side of the color wheel.

So, what do you think about Pantone’s 2016 color of the year selections?  Were you surprised?  Will this impact your home decorating plans for 2016?

Did you miss the Benjamin Moore color the year?  Their choice may surprise you…

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