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Home Decor Trends to Watch for in 2017

2016 brought us some exciting trends in interior design–many of which will endure in 2017.  However, I’m certain that this year will usher in even more delicious trends.  After much deliberation, I’m ready to go on record with my 2017 home decor trend predictions.  Here goes nothing..

Inventive Botanicals

Plant life has had a second life in home decorating.  Potted plants–from cacti and succulents to fiddle leaf fig trees–are growing in popularity.  Even Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year was named Greenery in their honor.  So, naturally, home decorators will take this to the next level.  We’re seeing evidence of this new trajectory already…

Decorgasm: Rebecca de Ravenel's Ravishing Apartment

If you caught my post on Rebecca de Ravenel’s apartment, then you might recall the canvas palm trees that populated her abode.

2017 Home Decor Trends Projections from MotleyDecor.com

Living walls are also a *thing*–both indoors and out.  Here, succulents live in a frame and are displayed as art.

Inventive Botanicals | Home Decor Trends Projections from MotleyDecor.com

Another unexpected way to display botanicals?  This home substitutes blooms for lights in an overhead chandelier.

2017 Home Decor Trends Projections from MotleyDecor.com

And Kelly Wearstler has introduced these everlasting Bauble Blossoms, composed of minerals and gems.

Stunning Stones

Gems and minerals are indeed the new normal.  Hardly a home hits the internet that doesn’t contain some quantity of Carrara marble.  And while this stone possesses a certain classic appeal, there is no shortage of breathtaking onyx (and other rocks) waiting in the wings to overshadow their gray and white counterpart.

Stunning Stones | 2017 Home Decor Trends | Motley Decor

From small, sparkling touches like this quartz drawer pull…

…to bolder gestures like this iridescent labradorite sink…

…to rooms utterly clad in various types of multi-colored marble like this stunning space, rock has a powerful impact in the home.  In fact, last April I suggested that installing stone was a splurge worthy of your tax refund.  I stand by that assertion.  Expect to see stunning stones trending in 2017.

Acid Yellow Accents

If Fashion Week, the 2016 Emmys, and the 2017 Golden Globes are any indication: vibrant yellow is fashion’s current favorite color.

Acid Yellow Accents | Home Decor Trends Projections from MotleyDecor.com

This is bound to migrate from the catwalk to the homestead.  And, to date, we haven’t seen much of this–at least not lately.  However, following are some compelling reasons to inject your home with hints of acid yellow…

Acid Yellow Accents | Home Decor Trends Projections from MotleyDecor.com

Versatile Furniture

These days, small homes garner just as much buzz and decor discussion as grand estates.  Still, small spaces are not without their challenges.  When decorating a small space, furniture selection is key.  Not only are you forced to edit–squeezing in only those pieces you absolutely love–but the scale must also be appropriate for the room.  And, of course, anytime a piece of furniture can pull double duty, it’s an added bonus.  This brings me to the next 2017 home decorating trend projection: versatile, space-saving furniture.

2017 Home Decor Trends to Watch For | 1 of 5 | Versatile Furniture

This living room boasts two types of versatile furniture.  First, the trio of trunks function as both tables and hidden storage vehicles.  Second, that gnarled root stool is sometimes a drink rest and sometimes an extra seat.

red lacquer paint

Antique hall trees–besides being sculptural beauties–are also multifunctional.  This red painted specimen is a hat rack, umbrella stand, drawer, table, and mirror all in one.  This single piece performs the duties of 5 furnishings–and looks good doing it!

2017 Home Decor Trends | Versatile Furniture | 1 of 5 on Motley Decor

Another space saver is the wall-mounted, fold out secretary.  It offers compact storage without taking up any real estate on the floor and can expand to provide a surface that can be used as a desk, wet bar…whatever.  This handsome walnut and brass example is from West Elm.

1980s Revivals

This particular 2017 trend projection precipitates from the error I made in last year’s forecast when I thought  that home decorators would work backwards from Midcentury towards antiques and, instead, they looked to the ’70s for design inspiration.  Thus, the next logical progression is the ’80s (and as a child of the 1980s, I have mixed feelings about this).  Still, this prognostication comes with a caveat.  The ’80s are coming–if not in 2017–then soon thereafter…

Watch for pastels and quirky furniture inspired by the Memphis Group’s previously snubbed designs.

So, those are my trend projections for this year.  Do you foresee any other trends that I’ve missed?  Tell us in the comments.

2016 Interior Design Trends Recap

With 2016 officially in the books, it’s time I hold myself accountable for the trend forecasts I made one year ago.  At the beginning of last year, I felt very sure of the home decor trends the coming months would bring.  And, for the most part, I have to say: I was pretty close.  Really, there was only one call I made that–even I will admit–didn’t really take off.  Let’s take a look…

Unorthodox Materials in Unexpected Applications

Nailed it!  I predicted that interior designers–clever, talented creatures that they are–would devise new applications for unorthodox media in decor and they did not disappoint.  Flexing their creative muscles, designers found new ways to introduce unexpected materials into the home with delightful results.  Examples of such ingenuity include…

Garrow Kedigian’s Kips Bay Showhouse extravaganza, where neoclassical flourishes were–surprisingly–rendered in modest chalk…

5 Ideas to Steal from the 2016 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

…And the dining room (in the same showhouse) where Alex Papachrisitidis set a dazzling ceramic dining table at the center of his gray and gold wonderland…

Lucky for us: this trend casts a long trajectory and isn’t likely to fizzle out any time soon.  I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings.

Bold, Modern Light Fixtures

Traditional chandeliers with elegant arms and glittering prisms have graced immaculately decorated homes for ages.  But, in 2016, we saw less and less of them.  Instead, designers and home decorators seemed to favor a more modern approach to lighting.  Still, these newer luminaries wanted for nothing.

Apparatus Studio, in particular, enjoyed popularity in 2016.  Their Synapse light fixture hangs above the dining room table in home of founders Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson.

Lindsay Adelman was another popular name in lighting design.  You’ve likely seen some incarnation of this Branching chandelier before.  This stunner is custom.

Trend Recap | Modern Statement Lighting | Motley Decor

Will this trend of unapologetically modern lighting persist in 2017?  I believe so.

Understated Palettes

Using the 2016 colors of the year as navigation guides, I predicted a year of subdued palettes.  I was not mistaken.

To be sure: we saw a strong return to white walls.  Often combined with black–like these chic black lampshades–white and monochromatic spaces far outnumbered the amount of colorful rooms in 2016.

3 Small Changes That Make Any Room Feel More Chic on MotleyDecor.com

And, while Serenity blue didn’t quite take off, Rose Quartz certainly did.  The pale blush shade of pink, occupied prime real estate in both homes and cyberspace and was beautifully highlighted in this project by Scott Maddux

This Is How To Use Color In Your Home | Decorgasm: Scott Maddux's Masterful Command of Color | Motley Decor

Bright, saturated, color-drenched rooms are still probably a few years off.  2017 will likely continue the tradition of quiet palettes, possibly erring on the side of dark and moody hues like Benjamin Moore’s color of the year.

The End of Purely Utilitarian Spaces

Slowly but surely, we are decorating every square inch of our homes.  Hallways, mud rooms, and even laundry rooms are now garnering the attention of home decorators.

One of my favorite examples comes from the Pasadena Decorator Showcase House, where the cloakroom–outfitted with watercolor wallpaper and some more of that modern statement lighting–nearly stole the show…

Kitchens were also tackled with renewed vigor…

Kitchens with Character, vol. 3: Art | Motley Decor

From jazzy backsplashes to prominently displayed art, kitchens were so well-accessorized in 2016 that I couldn’t resist starting a series of posts called Kitchens with Character.  I see no end in sight for this trend either.  So, be on the lookout for vol. 4 coming soon.


And here’s where I dropped the ball, folks.  I thought we’d be so burnt out on midcentury modern (and admittedly, I’m not yet) that we’d start looking to earlier eras for furnishings with history.  But, instead, we headed the opposite direction and right into the ’70s.  Not that I’m complaining (I love this era), but I’m probably the only home decor blogger in the world who doesn’t own a single macrame piece.

I do, however, own these awesome Chet Beardsley chairs from the 1970s…

Updated Chet Beardsley Chair

…so, I think that entitles me to at least partial credit.  Right?

Ok, hopefully, you’ll forgive me that one flop and come back soon to read my 2017 trend predictions.  Have a great day!


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